Friday, February 14

Such A Beautiful Day To Shave Your Head.

I'll admit something, I have been a tad self absorbed these last few days.

I have felt a little sorry for myself not having anyone special to spend this weekend with. I had a pity party for myself when my plans to go to Calgary fell through because of my stupid van, and I was not able to spend some much needed time with my friends.

I was having a bit of a "poor me" moment when I realized that I was not even going to have anyone to have dinner with tonight.

Then I remembered today was the Hair Massacure at West Edmonton Mall. So I got dressed and headed in to watch and support my co-worker Fitzy with his friend Aaron. Fitzy has been helping raise money for Aaron the last few months, a little boy who has cancer and one of his last wishes was to help raise money for the organizations that did so much for him during his battle with Cancer.

Aaron with his mom at the hair Massacure. 

Aarons friends who came to support him before the shave...

....and after. 

Kim donated her hair for wigs too. 

I am not exactly sure what I was expecting when I go there, but let me share with you what I experienced.

It never ceases to amaze me the ability a few people have when they decided to work together to accomplish something. The whole place was filled with pink haired people raising money for cancer research, which was sensational. There were Football players, and news people there, everyone was smiling and happy and feeling so good about the money raised to go towards such a noble cause. But what moved me the most was two little girls. These two little girls not only raised money, but both of these children also decided to shave their heads, but not just shave their heads, these brave and valiant little women donated their beautiful hair so it could be made into wigs so other children with cancer could have hair to wear during their treatment.

It was all I could do to not burst into tears while I watched these girls allow their locks to be put in tiny ponytails and cut off. Not once did either of these girls frown, cry or have a second thought. They just sat there, smiling while this selfless offering was made.

I have not felt so much shame and so much joy at one time in my life. I know I would never have been so brave and selfless, nor am I now. But the joy I felt thinking these are the children my kids will grow up with made me feel so full of happiness that I could have literally burst.
As parents all we ever hope for is that our children will give more than they take, and that they will do good with the time they are given. And it warmed my heart to see there is another generation of people who care about others more than they care about themselves.

This was hands down the best way to spend Valentines Day I could have ever thought of.



It was a good and happy day. I treasure days like this, they humble me and remind me what I have to be grateful for.

I even found a special friend for Austin, My dear friend Amy's son who is still in Hospital in Calgary... Austin, Spider-Man says Hi!!

When I sent him this picture, I was sent this from Karie and Jamie (my dear friends) who are with him tonight  in hospital so his parents can go out on a date! ...Austin awake and Smiling.... Best.Gift.EVER!


I am grateful. So very grateful.
I am grateful when I am reminded that people are wonderful and that there is still so very much to believe in.


* I need someone in Calgary who can dress up as spider-man to go visit Austin!! *  

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