Monday, February 17

Spider-Man Is My New Favorite Superhero!!

The other day while at the Hair Massacure I came up with an idea, I decided I wanted to find a Spider-Man in Calgary to go visit my friend Amy's son Austin. Austin has been in and out of hospital for most of his little life due to Epilepsy. Their family has been through so much these last few months (Her mother is Rita, my old basketball coach who was terribly ill last month and is much better now) but just days after she return home from the hospital, Austin was admitted due to his seizures.
I wanted to do something special for Austin and for the whole family. I struggle living so far away during times like these, I want to help and this was one way I thought I might be able to.

I often come up with some pretty crazy ideas, some work out, some fail miserably. I wasn't exactly sure how this one would go over. I worried it might be a tall order to find a grown man (who is a total stranger) willing to dress up as a comic book hero to go visit a child he doesn't know out of the goodness of his heart.

So I sent out a simple tweet, and within a few hours I was well on my way to finding a superhero.

Among the many retweets and messages I received I got an offer from a man willing to dress up as Captain America and one willing to go as Professor X, there was even an Iron Man....which were all wonderful offers, but Austins favorite is Spider-Man, I needed Spidy.

Then it came! I got a DM from someone on twitter saying he knew a guy who lived in Calgary and would do it! He gave me his phone number and I hesitantly phoned him, not sure what he might say.."Hi..I got your number from a stranger on twitter wanna dress up in Spandex for me?"  but he was really sweet, we chatted for over an hour about Austin and life. Turns out he is a Fire Fighter for the city of Calgary and just a overall fantastic man.
The time and date were a little up in the air because no one was sure if Austin would be okay enough for a visit soon and if he would get moved out of the ICU... but thankfully things worked out and at 3 pm today, Austin (and his brothers) got his visit from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

I am not sure what surprises me more after having this little idea of mine come to fruition..the generosity and kindness of other, the speed of which this came together..or how many grown men in Calgary have Spider-man and superhero costumes...

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

It was such a great day. Thank you Steve, for your willingness to help out a complete stranger and for bringing a smile to three little boys faces. You are good stuff. I owe ya!


I am grateful, yet again, for people who bring happiness selflessly.

I am grateful for spandex suits and the joy they bring...everyone.

I am grateful for the friends I have and for the deep love we have for each other.

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