Monday, February 10

Score One, Yet Again, For The Tooth Fairy


In this house the tooth fairy is a total chump. She never, and I mean NEVER, seems to remember to leave something for the ridiculously excited child. Apparently she runs on wifi here and the signal is weak to nonexistent.

I can talk with the child with the loose tooth all through dinner about how hard it is to eat with it so wiggly, laugh about eating an apple for dessert to try and help get it out. I can sit beside the same swaying toothed child during a movie after dinner and even wiggle it with my own finger. I can EVEN pull the frigging thing out with my own fingers to help her get it out finally...and then STILL forget to do Tooth fairy jobs after. It's not like the Fairy is over worked, she only works a few days in her whole life... Sigh... I'd say can her!

Luckily for me she is union, making it almost impossible to fire her.

Honestly, I should have to take a competency test yearly to maintain some sort of license to be allowed to have children. Thank goodness I only forget trivial things like this. Things that will scar them for life and force them to grow up too quickly by stealing their naive and innocent beliefs in magical things.

 Phew...really dodged a bullet there.


I am grateful for sarcasm and laughter and the ability to not take myself too seriously.

I am grateful for my kids being at the age where sports are becoming a bigger part of their lives. This part of parenting is what I have been so excited for!!! I love that my children love sports and competition. I love watching them play and I love that they seem to pick up athletic things so naturally and easily.

 I am grateful for my friends down in Calgary that keep me informed about whats going on when there is a problem. I miss you guys terribly and appreciate that you keep me in the loop.


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