Friday, February 7

My Short Hair

I have always had short hair.

I only remember two maybe three times in my entire life when my hair was what I would consider long. Long for me is when it's closer to my jaw and maybe a little past my jaw. I hate when my hair is long. Even when my hair was longer I would always wear it up off my face. I find long hair hard to take care of. I have a little bit of curl to it too, so the longer my hair, the more time i had to spend on it in the morning.
I have always preferred short hair for myself, I feel more confident when I have short hair. The times when I have had longer hair it has always been when I feel the worst about myself. Longer hair for me is when I am feeling self conscious and unhappy. I have learned that I should never make any major life decisions when my hair is long. That might sound ridiculous, but it is very true. When I have long hair it is more often than not, to please someone else. Long hair is something I hid behind.

I read the other day a few articles written by men,  rather narrow minded men, suggesting that women who have short hair are somehow lacking in femininity, are "damaged" and/or are lesbians or queer. He believed by having short hair it was a rebellion towards men and how it didn't look as good as long hair does, ever. Really?
One of the articles also went on to say that when other women encourage a friend to cut her hair short it is somehow an attempt to make themselves go up in points by sabotaging a fellow sister to look worse. This could not possibly be true. This is clearly just the ramblings of a man just being awful about women. Surly this is not how most men feel.

I am genuinely  interested in hearing from women, do you prefer yourself with long or short hair and more importantly HOW DO YOU FEEL when your hair is long and when your hair is short. I am so curious to hear from you.

*Article 1 I was talking about
*Article 2 I was talking about

Long hair. (Hair extensions) 

All natural, medium length for me. 

Short hair, post cut from Sam


I am grateful for the women at Fusion Salon  . They have always made me feel sensational and beautiful. Thank you ladies (especially Sam) who has been doing my hair for years. I adore you! xx

I am grateful for good hair products.

I am grateful for pizza night.



Leah M said...

Absolutely two things I am grateful for! Pizza and good hair(and products). Since to have good curly hair-short, long or in-between, good product is essential!!

Unknown said...

Joelle, I was traumatized as an 8 yr old girl getting a pixie cut. You can almost call it a marines cut it was soooo short! I have always loved my long hair but its really just hair. I've had it cut from between my shoulder blades to shorter than yours as it is right now. It'll grow back. I do admit though, if I had the choice, its long hair. I feel more comfortable with it long. Perhaps its because of the way I felt when it was so short in gr 3. I felt I looked like a boy then. I feel more feminine with longer hair. I dont judge or assume like the asshat man who says women with short hair are lesbians or whatever..what a "man" statement! pffft! I love your hair! Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Long time fan, first time commentor, from the perspective of a 30 something man who loves short hair, your hair and you look absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Also your dating stories make me laugh and brighten my day.