Tuesday, February 18

Happy 4th Birthday NOW Radio!!!

At work we hold events for listeners who we loving refer to as the "NOW family". At the radio station I work at we consider everyone as family, so almost all of our events are family friendly...which is one of the many things I love about the place I work.

This year for our radio stations birthday party we decided to have another Cardboard Cup...this was an idea we came up with last year where we would rent a ski hill for the afternoon, have listeners come and make sleds out of only cardboard, duct tape and paint and then compete against each other in a race to the bottom. It was hands down our best event to date and all the hosts favorite, so this year we just went even bigger.

This year we had a band, we had a beer garden, we had hot chocolate and we had over 50 sleds. Here are just a few of my personal favorites!

Game Of Thrones Sled

Star Trek Sled

helicopter sled

The Batmoblie was sponsored by the Rob & Joelle show! 

Jamaican sled 

Flintstones sled

My buddy Rob Williams from CTV even joined in the fun. 

Hahah nice spill Rob! 

This one made me laugh...the back was the best! 

For those of you that missed the fun this year, here is a video of the highlights.

When the day was over, Adams sled was demolished and packed into the truck, a few of us went out to a pub for dinner and a beer. It was the perfect ending to a fun day.


I am grateful for the fun place I work. Gawd we have fun there.

I am grateful for this week with the kids, I have really missed them.

I am grateful for Spider-man from yesterday.  I have been smiling all day looking at the pictures of Austins smile and happy little face.

Also, I am continually grateful for my friends...After I showed Chelaine the picture Spider-Man sent me today to add to my blog (yesterdays blog post)

She sends me this and tells me she found me a spidy!

I have the best friends!


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