Wednesday, February 12

Finding Mr. Perfect...The Outtakes.

Thus far, all of my dating stories that I have shared have been bad ones. Although entertaining, I don't want to paint a picture that is completely one sided when it comes to my dating...and to be honest, I myself am tired of only retelling the bad dates I have gone on. I have had some really bad dates, yes, but not every guy I have gone out with has been an ill mannered, cheating, lying and classless jerk and not every date ended with eye rolls, a crying phone call or high fives.

One day I met a very handsome man named *Brian. He was a little taller than me with dark hair and a dark beard. We met on November 11, I don't know why I remember that. We had met online and chatted for a week or so, and this was going to be our first actual meeting. We agreed to meet at my favorite bakery, Duchess in Edmonton (The worlds best bakery as far as I'm concerned). I got there before he did and I ordered a tea. I sat facing the door, and I was unbelievably nervous. When he walked in I watched his eyes search the small space, maybe 10 tables with a few peopled scattered about, until he found me. When he looked at me I smiled at him, I could clearly see he took a sigh of relief and the biggest smile came across his face. He looked exactly like his pictures, and he was incredibly handsome. He walked to my table and took off his scarf and his beautifully fitted dress jacket, he simply said, "Hello". His face was betraying him... the longer he smiled the redder his face became. He didn't say much he just smiled. I was feeling really flushed too and was completely mesmerized with how he was looking at me. It had been a very long time since someone looked at me like that. It was like he was happier the longer we awkwardly sat/stood there.

In an desperate attempt to break the awkward silence of smiling, I stood up and went and ordered him a tea.

We had only planned to have tea, but conversation flowed so naturally that we sat at that bakery until noon, then we decided to go for a walk around the museum grounds that were close by. It was glorious outside for a November day and we both clearly did not want this to end. After hours of conversation and laughing walking and stories, he asked if he could take me for dinner. We went to a restaurant and talked more. He told me of his studies in Italy, the books he was reading and the things he hoped to do this year.

It was a delightful day. When dinner was done we walked back to our cars and like the gentleman he was said goodbye and waved. My head was spinning. *Brian and I spent the next few months together. He would bake bread REAL bread and invite me over to watch movies. He would sit in this one spot on the floor in his living room and play his guitar while I would make dinner. *Brian taught me how to make crepes and would get up earlier on days I worked and make me crepes for breakfast, along with my favorite tea.
When I would cook for him, he would always make a big deal of my food and sometimes make this moaning sound when he really liked something I made him. It made me giddy when such an excellent cook enjoyed my humble culinary offerings. While I cooked,  he would sing when he was standing behind me, not loudly, just loud enough that I could hear. It was a fun few months.

*Brian was given an opportunity in his job to move to the coast. He wanted to finish the last few years of his Masters there and so, our time was over. We have spoken a few times since, he has sent me random texts of the sunset or of a bottle of red he found that made him think of me. He was and is good stuff.

Sigh.... not all the outtakes ended horribly.


I am grateful for a sleep in day tomorrow. I am so tired.

I am grateful for shirts that were tight a few weeks ago that now fit loosely.

I am grateful for riding lessons tonight which means I get to see the kids!


*All men in the Outtakes shall be called protect their true identity.

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