Saturday, February 15

Exciting News!!!

Today at work Rob announced that he and his beautiful wife Steph are going to have a baby. I could not me more excited for them! I cried a little when we played the babies heartbeat on air.. I brought in my doppler from my Doula equipment and they let me find the heartbeat to play when they shared the news over the radio.

I am so excited for my friends! I am so happy there is going to be a few babies at work in the next few months. I will get to love and hold's going to be such a wonderful summer! Rob & Steph are due in July!


I am grateful that I get to share this exciting time of babies, and not be the one up every few hours at night feeding it!

I am grateful for pretty red finger nails. I had them done last week and they make me feel beautiful.

I am grateful for a job I love and for how much fun I have day to day.


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