Tuesday, February 11

2014 Sochi Olympics

Ooh how I love the Olympics. I love everything about the games. I think I enjoy the Olympics more than I enjoy Christmas. I get this warm feeling in my chest and I am brought to tears every time I watch people win medals (not just the Canadian athletes either). I love cheering and I love how there is this surge of national pride around this time. It's so special.

The stories of athletes and coaches helping others, true sportsmanship and the thrill of competition always put me in a good mood. I find myself waking up earlier than normal and before I even get out of bed I'm checking the Olympic highlights from the events.

Ooh how I love the Olympics. One day I hope to get to go see them live and cheer for our athletes!


I am grateful to be from such a wonderful country. GO CANADA GO

I am grateful for working pens.

I am grateful for days off to get to see friends.


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Devon said...

I am like you Joelle....I LOVE the Olympics! I have even been watching it live with my students at school!