Tuesday, February 25

Tisk Tisk Arizona.

I was having a nice afternoon, I had some things to do this morning and then an appointment. I came home, had a nap and ate lunch... I then made the mistake of reading some news and stumbled on this and now I am so angry I could cry.

Arizona Boycott.

How have we gone so backwards in human rights? It was not that long ago that people were being hung from trees in the United States for the colour of their skin, something that can not be changed even if anyone wanted to. Why do people care so much about who other people want to love? It is just as unchangeable. I wish I could have controlled who I have fallen in love with over the years. I assure you the amount of heartbreaks would have been a bare minimum if I could have. But you can't control those things.

I am baffled and broken hearted that  people still, in 2014, feel there is a superior position to be in when it comes to the human race. I don't have a vast amount of gay or lesbian friends, but I have a few. Wanna know something crazy..they are some of the kindest people I know. They work hard, love each other deeply and live by a rule of giving more than they take. They are great to their children and generous to others.

Wanna know who else I know. Heterosexual people who are complete assholes. I know ones (who I am not friends with, I only know through volunteer positions I have served in with youth and young children) who are godawful parents, who only think of themselves when it comes to their kids. I know men who hit their wives and cheat on them regularly. I know women who neglect their children and are awful to others.

Why would they be served in these Arizona stores yet my two friends who happen to be women who love each other not be? I am saddened and disgusted that we are still fighting this fight.

I am in charge of 4 young children and I promise they will not be raised to believe such things about others. They will take less then they give and they will believe, and do believe, that all people are equal. How can this be allowed? How can this all be under the umbrella of "Gods Will?"

I don't know God, I have never met him. I have had numerous one sided conversations with him on many occasions in my life. From my experience he is not a big talker, how can people believe this is his will? I had spent over 10 years of my life trying to communicate with him and not once did I ever get any sort of explicit instructions about anything let alone how detailed my hate should be towards a certain group of people.

We can do better than this. We have to do better than this.

I am disgusted with you Arizona. Completely and entirely.



I am grateful I have children. I wish I had more..so I can teach them how to love others and when I am dead they can make the world a better place for everyone. Why are the loudest voices always the dumbest?

I am grateful for the second nap I am going to take before work so I can cool off.

I am grateful for the belief I have that the good will always win over the evil. Hate will never win over Love and it will always get better.

Monday, February 24

O Canada!

What a glorious weekend! The kids and I woke up at 4:30am Sunday morning to watch the Hockey game and cheer on our boys to Olympic Gold! It was fun watching them get excited and feel the pride that I feel. I am not exactly sure how you raise children to feel pride about their country, but I think this is a good start.

This is a real picture of one of Toronto's busiest roads during the hockey game.... in case you didn't believe how much Canadian's love hockey!

Well done Team Canada!! We are so very proud of you all!

To start off this week right, I found a good song for you.

Happy- Pharrell Williams

 I am grateful to live in the True North.

I am grateful for fresh coffee.

I am grateful for sleep in day.


Tuesday, February 18

Happy 4th Birthday NOW Radio!!!

At work we hold events for listeners who we loving refer to as the "NOW family". At the radio station I work at we consider everyone as family, so almost all of our events are family friendly...which is one of the many things I love about the place I work.

This year for our radio stations birthday party we decided to have another Cardboard Cup...this was an idea we came up with last year where we would rent a ski hill for the afternoon, have listeners come and make sleds out of only cardboard, duct tape and paint and then compete against each other in a race to the bottom. It was hands down our best event to date and all the hosts favorite, so this year we just went even bigger.

This year we had a band, we had a beer garden, we had hot chocolate and we had over 50 sleds. Here are just a few of my personal favorites!

Game Of Thrones Sled

Star Trek Sled

helicopter sled

The Batmoblie was sponsored by the Rob & Joelle show! 

Jamaican sled 

Flintstones sled

My buddy Rob Williams from CTV even joined in the fun. 

Hahah nice spill Rob! 

This one made me laugh...the back was the best! 

For those of you that missed the fun this year, here is a video of the highlights.

When the day was over, Adams sled was demolished and packed into the truck, a few of us went out to a pub for dinner and a beer. It was the perfect ending to a fun day.


I am grateful for the fun place I work. Gawd we have fun there.

I am grateful for this week with the kids, I have really missed them.

I am grateful for Spider-man from yesterday.  I have been smiling all day looking at the pictures of Austins smile and happy little face.

Also, I am continually grateful for my friends...After I showed Chelaine the picture Spider-Man sent me today to add to my blog (yesterdays blog post)

She sends me this and tells me she found me a spidy!

I have the best friends!


Monday, February 17

Spider-Man Is My New Favorite Superhero!!

The other day while at the Hair Massacure I came up with an idea, I decided I wanted to find a Spider-Man in Calgary to go visit my friend Amy's son Austin. Austin has been in and out of hospital for most of his little life due to Epilepsy. Their family has been through so much these last few months (Her mother is Rita, my old basketball coach who was terribly ill last month and is much better now) but just days after she return home from the hospital, Austin was admitted due to his seizures.
I wanted to do something special for Austin and for the whole family. I struggle living so far away during times like these, I want to help and this was one way I thought I might be able to.

I often come up with some pretty crazy ideas, some work out, some fail miserably. I wasn't exactly sure how this one would go over. I worried it might be a tall order to find a grown man (who is a total stranger) willing to dress up as a comic book hero to go visit a child he doesn't know out of the goodness of his heart.

So I sent out a simple tweet, and within a few hours I was well on my way to finding a superhero.

Among the many retweets and messages I received I got an offer from a man willing to dress up as Captain America and one willing to go as Professor X, there was even an Iron Man....which were all wonderful offers, but Austins favorite is Spider-Man, I needed Spidy.

Then it came! I got a DM from someone on twitter saying he knew a guy who lived in Calgary and would do it! He gave me his phone number and I hesitantly phoned him, not sure what he might say.."Hi..I got your number from a stranger on twitter wanna dress up in Spandex for me?"  but he was really sweet, we chatted for over an hour about Austin and life. Turns out he is a Fire Fighter for the city of Calgary and just a overall fantastic man.
The time and date were a little up in the air because no one was sure if Austin would be okay enough for a visit soon and if he would get moved out of the ICU... but thankfully things worked out and at 3 pm today, Austin (and his brothers) got his visit from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

I am not sure what surprises me more after having this little idea of mine come to fruition..the generosity and kindness of other, the speed of which this came together..or how many grown men in Calgary have Spider-man and superhero costumes...

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

It was such a great day. Thank you Steve, for your willingness to help out a complete stranger and for bringing a smile to three little boys faces. You are good stuff. I owe ya!


I am grateful, yet again, for people who bring happiness selflessly.

I am grateful for spandex suits and the joy they bring...everyone.

I am grateful for the friends I have and for the deep love we have for each other.

Saturday, February 15

Exciting News!!!

Today at work Rob announced that he and his beautiful wife Steph are going to have a baby. I could not me more excited for them! I cried a little when we played the babies heartbeat on air.. I brought in my doppler from my Doula equipment and they let me find the heartbeat to play when they shared the news over the radio.

I am so excited for my friends! I am so happy there is going to be a few babies at work in the next few months. I will get to love and hold babies...it's going to be such a wonderful summer! Rob & Steph are due in July!


I am grateful that I get to share this exciting time of babies, and not be the one up every few hours at night feeding it!

I am grateful for pretty red finger nails. I had them done last week and they make me feel beautiful.

I am grateful for a job I love and for how much fun I have day to day.


Friday, February 14

Such A Beautiful Day To Shave Your Head.

I'll admit something, I have been a tad self absorbed these last few days.

I have felt a little sorry for myself not having anyone special to spend this weekend with. I had a pity party for myself when my plans to go to Calgary fell through because of my stupid van, and I was not able to spend some much needed time with my friends.

I was having a bit of a "poor me" moment when I realized that I was not even going to have anyone to have dinner with tonight.

Then I remembered today was the Hair Massacure at West Edmonton Mall. So I got dressed and headed in to watch and support my co-worker Fitzy with his friend Aaron. Fitzy has been helping raise money for Aaron the last few months, a little boy who has cancer and one of his last wishes was to help raise money for the organizations that did so much for him during his battle with Cancer.

Aaron with his mom at the hair Massacure. 

Aarons friends who came to support him before the shave...

....and after. 

Kim donated her hair for wigs too. 

I am not exactly sure what I was expecting when I go there, but let me share with you what I experienced.

It never ceases to amaze me the ability a few people have when they decided to work together to accomplish something. The whole place was filled with pink haired people raising money for cancer research, which was sensational. There were Football players, and news people there, everyone was smiling and happy and feeling so good about the money raised to go towards such a noble cause. But what moved me the most was two little girls. These two little girls not only raised money, but both of these children also decided to shave their heads, but not just shave their heads, these brave and valiant little women donated their beautiful hair so it could be made into wigs so other children with cancer could have hair to wear during their treatment.

It was all I could do to not burst into tears while I watched these girls allow their locks to be put in tiny ponytails and cut off. Not once did either of these girls frown, cry or have a second thought. They just sat there, smiling while this selfless offering was made.

I have not felt so much shame and so much joy at one time in my life. I know I would never have been so brave and selfless, nor am I now. But the joy I felt thinking these are the children my kids will grow up with made me feel so full of happiness that I could have literally burst.
As parents all we ever hope for is that our children will give more than they take, and that they will do good with the time they are given. And it warmed my heart to see there is another generation of people who care about others more than they care about themselves.

This was hands down the best way to spend Valentines Day I could have ever thought of.



It was a good and happy day. I treasure days like this, they humble me and remind me what I have to be grateful for.

I even found a special friend for Austin, My dear friend Amy's son who is still in Hospital in Calgary... Austin, Spider-Man says Hi!!

When I sent him this picture, I was sent this from Karie and Jamie (my dear friends) who are with him tonight  in hospital so his parents can go out on a date! ...Austin awake and Smiling.... Best.Gift.EVER!


I am grateful. So very grateful.
I am grateful when I am reminded that people are wonderful and that there is still so very much to believe in.


* I need someone in Calgary who can dress up as spider-man to go visit Austin!! *  

Thursday, February 13

I Am Celebrating V-Day With Wine

This Valentines day I am absolutely being the stereotypical single woman. Single woman pretending to be okay with being alone on this obnoxious day. I just went to a Miles Teller movie at the theater, alone, because I have a huge crush on him. I wore my sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt there too.

When I left the movie I stopped at the drug store and bought my own heart box of chocolates, did you know I have never gotten a box of chocolates for Valentines day?. I opened the box and took one bite from about a dozen of them and now I feel sick. I am drinking a bottle of red (see how I didn't say glass) and I am writing....

Happy Valentines day!


I am grateful my van is finally fixed.

I am grateful for celebrities who resemble the hot surveying guy I met this past summer from Calgary, so I can unashamedly stare at him for over an hour and it not be considered stalking.

I am grateful this wretched month of February is almost over.

Wednesday, February 12

Finding Mr. Perfect...The Outtakes.

Thus far, all of my dating stories that I have shared have been bad ones. Although entertaining, I don't want to paint a picture that is completely one sided when it comes to my dating...and to be honest, I myself am tired of only retelling the bad dates I have gone on. I have had some really bad dates, yes, but not every guy I have gone out with has been an ill mannered, cheating, lying and classless jerk and not every date ended with eye rolls, a crying phone call or high fives.

One day I met a very handsome man named *Brian. He was a little taller than me with dark hair and a dark beard. We met on November 11, I don't know why I remember that. We had met online and chatted for a week or so, and this was going to be our first actual meeting. We agreed to meet at my favorite bakery, Duchess in Edmonton (The worlds best bakery as far as I'm concerned). I got there before he did and I ordered a tea. I sat facing the door, and I was unbelievably nervous. When he walked in I watched his eyes search the small space, maybe 10 tables with a few peopled scattered about, until he found me. When he looked at me I smiled at him, I could clearly see he took a sigh of relief and the biggest smile came across his face. He looked exactly like his pictures, and he was incredibly handsome. He walked to my table and took off his scarf and his beautifully fitted dress jacket, he simply said, "Hello". His face was betraying him... the longer he smiled the redder his face became. He didn't say much he just smiled. I was feeling really flushed too and was completely mesmerized with how he was looking at me. It had been a very long time since someone looked at me like that. It was like he was happier the longer we awkwardly sat/stood there.

In an desperate attempt to break the awkward silence of smiling, I stood up and went and ordered him a tea.

We had only planned to have tea, but conversation flowed so naturally that we sat at that bakery until noon, then we decided to go for a walk around the museum grounds that were close by. It was glorious outside for a November day and we both clearly did not want this to end. After hours of conversation and laughing walking and stories, he asked if he could take me for dinner. We went to a restaurant and talked more. He told me of his studies in Italy, the books he was reading and the things he hoped to do this year.

It was a delightful day. When dinner was done we walked back to our cars and like the gentleman he was said goodbye and waved. My head was spinning. *Brian and I spent the next few months together. He would bake bread REAL bread and invite me over to watch movies. He would sit in this one spot on the floor in his living room and play his guitar while I would make dinner. *Brian taught me how to make crepes and would get up earlier on days I worked and make me crepes for breakfast, along with my favorite tea.
When I would cook for him, he would always make a big deal of my food and sometimes make this moaning sound when he really liked something I made him. It made me giddy when such an excellent cook enjoyed my humble culinary offerings. While I cooked,  he would sing when he was standing behind me, not loudly, just loud enough that I could hear. It was a fun few months.

*Brian was given an opportunity in his job to move to the coast. He wanted to finish the last few years of his Masters there and so, our time was over. We have spoken a few times since, he has sent me random texts of the sunset or of a bottle of red he found that made him think of me. He was and is good stuff.

Sigh.... not all the outtakes ended horribly.


I am grateful for a sleep in day tomorrow. I am so tired.

I am grateful for shirts that were tight a few weeks ago that now fit loosely.

I am grateful for riding lessons tonight which means I get to see the kids!


*All men in the Outtakes shall be called Brian...to protect their true identity.

Tuesday, February 11

2014 Sochi Olympics

Ooh how I love the Olympics. I love everything about the games. I think I enjoy the Olympics more than I enjoy Christmas. I get this warm feeling in my chest and I am brought to tears every time I watch people win medals (not just the Canadian athletes either). I love cheering and I love how there is this surge of national pride around this time. It's so special.

The stories of athletes and coaches helping others, true sportsmanship and the thrill of competition always put me in a good mood. I find myself waking up earlier than normal and before I even get out of bed I'm checking the Olympic highlights from the events.

Ooh how I love the Olympics. One day I hope to get to go see them live and cheer for our athletes!


I am grateful to be from such a wonderful country. GO CANADA GO

I am grateful for working pens.

I am grateful for days off to get to see friends.


Monday, February 10

Score One, Yet Again, For The Tooth Fairy


In this house the tooth fairy is a total chump. She never, and I mean NEVER, seems to remember to leave something for the ridiculously excited child. Apparently she runs on wifi here and the signal is weak to nonexistent.

I can talk with the child with the loose tooth all through dinner about how hard it is to eat with it so wiggly, laugh about eating an apple for dessert to try and help get it out. I can sit beside the same swaying toothed child during a movie after dinner and even wiggle it with my own finger. I can EVEN pull the frigging thing out with my own fingers to help her get it out finally...and then STILL forget to do Tooth fairy jobs after. It's not like the Fairy is over worked, she only works a few days in her whole life... Sigh... I'd say can her!

Luckily for me she is union, making it almost impossible to fire her.

Honestly, I should have to take a competency test yearly to maintain some sort of license to be allowed to have children. Thank goodness I only forget trivial things like this. Things that will scar them for life and force them to grow up too quickly by stealing their naive and innocent beliefs in magical things.

 Phew...really dodged a bullet there.


I am grateful for sarcasm and laughter and the ability to not take myself too seriously.

I am grateful for my kids being at the age where sports are becoming a bigger part of their lives. This part of parenting is what I have been so excited for!!! I love that my children love sports and competition. I love watching them play and I love that they seem to pick up athletic things so naturally and easily.

 I am grateful for my friends down in Calgary that keep me informed about whats going on when there is a problem. I miss you guys terribly and appreciate that you keep me in the loop.


Friday, February 7

My Short Hair

I have always had short hair.

I only remember two maybe three times in my entire life when my hair was what I would consider long. Long for me is when it's closer to my jaw and maybe a little past my jaw. I hate when my hair is long. Even when my hair was longer I would always wear it up off my face. I find long hair hard to take care of. I have a little bit of curl to it too, so the longer my hair, the more time i had to spend on it in the morning.
I have always preferred short hair for myself, I feel more confident when I have short hair. The times when I have had longer hair it has always been when I feel the worst about myself. Longer hair for me is when I am feeling self conscious and unhappy. I have learned that I should never make any major life decisions when my hair is long. That might sound ridiculous, but it is very true. When I have long hair it is more often than not, to please someone else. Long hair is something I hid behind.

I read the other day a few articles written by men,  rather narrow minded men, suggesting that women who have short hair are somehow lacking in femininity, are "damaged" and/or are lesbians or queer. He believed by having short hair it was a rebellion towards men and how it didn't look as good as long hair does, ever. Really?
One of the articles also went on to say that when other women encourage a friend to cut her hair short it is somehow an attempt to make themselves go up in points by sabotaging a fellow sister to look worse. This could not possibly be true. This is clearly just the ramblings of a man just being awful about women. Surly this is not how most men feel.

I am genuinely  interested in hearing from women, do you prefer yourself with long or short hair and more importantly HOW DO YOU FEEL when your hair is long and when your hair is short. I am so curious to hear from you.

*Article 1 I was talking about
*Article 2 I was talking about

Long hair. (Hair extensions) 

All natural, medium length for me. 

Short hair, post cut from Sam


I am grateful for the women at Fusion Salon  . They have always made me feel sensational and beautiful. Thank you ladies (especially Sam) who has been doing my hair for years. I adore you! xx

I am grateful for good hair products.

I am grateful for pizza night.