Saturday, January 11

Walmart Breakdown

I have not done much today. Most of this Saturday has been spent trying to readjust sections of this seemingly shrinking  house to make it work for us just a little bit longer. The reality is I am going to need to think about moving soon, but I am ignoring that for now and just keep telling myself that reorganizing and de-cluttering yet again is all I need. Sigh...

Other than garbage bags, sweeping and regular house chores I have had nothing note worthy to write about today (except that I have started Downton Abby which is fantastic so far BTW) and seeings how I have a goal to write daily I was fearing the worst...nothing to write.

I have cleaned my laundry room and organized it now in such a manner that even Martha Stewart would be impressed, but I needed to run to Walmart to pick up 100 more hangers (still not very impressive writing material). That's when Nora saved the day and gave me something to write about...all hail NORA.

I have been a mother for 12 years now and I can honestly say I have NEVER been more embarrassed or uncomfortable in those 12 years then I was today.
I was in line, waiting for the cashier to run my 100 hangers through (I was not exaggerating about the number of hangers I bought) when Nora came up to me with a candy and asked if she could have it.
I said "no" and that was the end.

H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T... the transformations that happened next was incredible. Thank heavens Ethan was with me.

Please (with a smile) quickly turned into
"mom, I want the candy"
Turned to "I want this candy now"
turned into jumping up and down yelling "I want this candy"
turned into "give me the candy"
to kicking my leg yelling "I want the candy"
to full on yelling and screaming "I WANT THIS CANDY."

The line at this till was almost 8 deep and I didn't know what to do but laugh.
Ethan was begging Nora to stop and he even said, "if you just shut up I'll buy you the candy!"

"Not a chance in Hell", I said. I paid for my hangers gave the candy to the cashier and took Noras hand and walked out with EVERYONE staring at me.

Now, I will happily admit when I am adding seasoning to a story to make it better, I promise you, she was yelling so loud everyone and I mean EVERYONE was staring at us as we walked out.
I didn't really know what to do, I wanted to drop her off at the customer service and say, this little darling seems to have lost her mummy...but she was grabbing on to me and hanging from my leg yelling mom, so clearly that option was out.  To make matters worse, this couldn't have happened when I looked like a million bucks, no, today when my daughter is reenacting a scene from american physico I had to be in true Walmart attire of lulus and a hairband with uncombed hair.... Looking as trashy as humanly possible, of course.

We made it out to the van and I loaded her in and sat in the drivers seat with my hands shaking. Poor Ethan was humiliated. We just sat there together in silence.

Yes, there it is Julie...the reward you have been waiting for. My daughter has become exactly like me.

Now I have 2 very tired children in tears who are angry with me because I am making them go to bed early.
I LOVE being a single parent today.  F***


I am grateful no one in that line at Walmart came up to me to comment in any way about my daughter. I fear even the most well intentioned person would have gotten their head torn clear from their body.

I am grateful for friends who make me laugh through the tears.

I am grateful for a clean laundry room.


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