Friday, January 10

Thank Gawd For Pasta Spoons

Last night while I was working out my back began to itch. I reached back to scratch it and I couldn't get it. It was smack in the middle of my back, that ungodly sport no one can reach on their own. I am convinced that every animal in the world has that one spot that, despite some valiant back breaking attempts, can not be reached no matter how hard you contort yourself. It is how I know we are not suppose to be alone in this life. It's just not right that we can be made with this tiny section of our bodies that can only be scratched with the help of another. Some people think animals mate for companionship, happiness, raising and growth even. No! We mate so we can reach each others itchy spots.

When the mild and not- too- bad itch morphed into the itchiest thing that would drive the sanest woman into a raging lunatic I became desperate really fast. I was scratching it against the corner of the wall with no success, I tried to relieve my suffering against the table. Finally, I went into the drawer in my kitchen and found a metal spoon for pasta and nearly scratched my skin off. The euphoria was instant. Itch gone. BEST FEELING EVER. ..well, second best.


I am grateful there are only 5 more sleeps until P!NK!!!!!! I am beside myself excited!

I am grateful for figuring out how to make this tiny house work for me for a little bit longer.

I am grateful for people who are happy.


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