Friday, January 17

P!NK Concert

See Pink in concert

Another bucket list item removed off my list. Yesterday before the concert Mars (the morning show woman I work with) was still not feeling 100% so she gave me her two tickets so the already amazing concert was made just a tad bit more amazing when I got to sit so close to the stage that I didn't have to look at the screen once, I could see her clear as day. 

I did cry a few times from the sheer overwhelming feeling of seeing her and hearing her sing the songs that have been with me through some of the most difficult and exciting times in my life. But overall, it was just a night of fun and energy. 

She puts on one hell of a performance! I can't wait to see her again one day. It was sensational, and to have gotten to share it with so many of my closest friends made it that much better. 

I was completely awe struck the entire time. I couldn't help but wonder, are there really men out there that can handle and love such a strong woman? Are there really men that don't feel threatened buy that sort of powerful, capable and no-nonsense woman? I would like to meet one of those men one day...

....Or maybe, it's our girlfriends and best friends who are our soul mates, and boys are just around to have fun with.


I am grateful for Mars. Completely and with tear filled eyes, I am so grateful for you my dear, thank you. I am grateful for the concert cancellation and for things working out even better then they would have.

I am grateful for getting to share such a fantastic night with my friends.

I am grateful for the warm weather and sunshine today.


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Ken said...

Another on off the list! So cool!

And just a note......I've never braced myself against the wall while at the urinal. :)