Wednesday, January 8

Old School

I had taken my old rotary phone to work for a Mad Men themed party a while ago and somehow forgot about my phone in a box. I found it the other day and brought it back upstairs for the kids to play with and enjoy. I giggled for a half hour watching Nora try and figure it out.

"It's a phone?" She says.
"Yes Nora, It's a phone, you call people on it"
"How do you carry it?'
"You don't"
...strange look from her

Children make me smile.


I am grateful for real coffee cream in my coffee this morning. I had never understood the big deal...ooh my! Now I understand. 

I am grateful for a place that always makes me feel beautiful and takes such good care of me. Fusion Salon is the best. There is nowhere like it! 

I am grateful for ability to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously. 


Ken said...

Especially when it used to be screwed to the wall! :)

Unknown said...

with a looooonnnnnggg cord. to reach anywhere in the kitchen lol