Saturday, January 25

Camera Stealers.

I was sitting on the couch last night and I was looking through some of my photos having a moment of reflection when I stumbled on these...

They made me smile. After the week I have had, it was nice to have a small giggle. I have not felt myself lately. I am sure it's this way for so many others, this time of year is hard.

Small things that brighten my days help and I am grateful for.


I am grateful for the updates I am getting from friends regarding Rita. I hate feeling helpless.

I am grateful for sleep and for feeling in control again.

I am grateful the sun has been out these last few days and the snow is melting. Even if it doesn't stay this nice for much longer, the break has been a little refreshing.


Tuesday, January 21

Finding Mr.Perfect.... The Outtakes

I had not given much thought to dating when I first started again. What I mean is, in situations that might be less than perfect, I had not pre planned exit strategies. I think I went into dating misguided, believing that everyone was going to be wonderful and why would I need such a thing....

I quickly learned.

One night I was going to meet *Brian for dinner after work. I thought *Brian's pictures looked nice and our conversation thus far seemed pretty great. When I arrived at the restaurant *Brian was already there waiting for me at the table. I sat down and from the second I sat down he had me laughing. He had me smiling and laughing so hard my cheeks were aching . I could hardly eat I was worried I would spit my food everywhere. He was awkward and fidgety and dressed in clothes that were 2 or 3 sizes too big for him. He had not had a proper hair cut in months and I actually thought at one point he might have been gay, but the longer I spent with him I enjoyed his company more and more. We laughed for hours and when it was time to leave I could feel myself blushing. I didn't want this to end. I have learned about myself that men become more handsome to me the more they make me laugh.

He walked me to my truck and we both could feel it was time to say good bye. This was when a  pre-thought out exit or something witty to say would have been helpful, instead, when this nice man moved closer to me and leaned over I panicked. I do not kiss on the first date and clearly should have said something ahead of time, so instead of being graceful and in control...when he leaned towards me I squeaked in a weird and involuntarily "small animal warning" sort of way and then threw up my hand to give him a high five.

Stunned and clearly less than impressed he looked at me funny and returned the high five. I felt like a complete moron, said good bye and hopped into my truck. Chastising myself the entire drive home.

Sometimes even I shock myself with how completely idiotic I can and have been in this dating thing.

My only saving grace was *Brian knew I had just started dating again, so there was some allowance for stupidity.

I ended up dating this *Brian for a while. After a haircut, shave and some clothes that actually fit him he was rather handsome.

Another date this same *Brian and I had was the night he wanted to show me a movie he really enjoyed. *Brian was a huge movie buff and was always watching movies. I enjoyed watching too, but I don't watch scary movies. I get really upset and because of this, just stay away from them completely.

*Brian wanted to watch Dawn Of The Dead.... I had heard of this very funny movie from my friend N who, like me, enjoyed good British comedies.

(For those of you who are not following, Dawn Of The Dead is a horrifyingly scary movie about zombies, SHAUN OF THE DEAD is a British spoof of said movie, which is light and entertaining)

Thinking that *Brian was going to show me Shaun Of The Dead (not knowing about the original) spoke about our upcoming movie night with excitement and anticipation.
The night of our movie date came and I was so excited to spend time with him. With the lights off we sat on the couch and *Brian started the movie.
I was holding to his arm rather tightly with the music, it seemed rather ominous for a comedy, but having heard from my friend N how fun this movie was I was excited for the laughing to begin.

Not 10 minutes into this horrifically terrifying movie I have now actually put literal scratches on *Brian's arm. I was clung to it like a cat  avoiding an impending bath...I had my ears plugged with my pointer fingers and eyes covered with my pinkies. *Brian's scratching post arm was positioned in front of me to protect me from the hell child zombie on the screen.

Finally, not being able to take one more second of this movie (We are not even 20 minutes in) I stand up from the couch and with shaking hands and eyes filled with tears I ask *Brian "when does it get funny"?
*Brian laughed, "It doesn't"?
I burst into tears and begin breathing rapidly. I turn all of the lights on in the house, I begin pacing the kitchen to try and force the crying to subside. With no success, tears come streaming down my face.
"I can't watch that " is all I can get out between sobs, rivers of snot and hyperventilating.
*Brian felt horrible and we cleared up the misunderstanding, me thinking it was the comedy and him thinking I was emotionally stable for zombie horror films, neither of us made those mistakes again.

I could not sleep a wink that night and *Brian spent the next few hours just holding me.
Poor guy. wonder he didn't stick around very long either..... (we broke up a few months later, not because of this)

....and so the search continues.


I am grateful for morning coffee.

I am grateful for laughter.

I am grateful for the snow melting. I know spring is still a long way off, but this little break from all the cold is so wonderful!

I am grateful for L. It is so wonderful having such a wonderful woman looking after my kids! I just adore her.


*For legal reasons I call all the men I date Brian. I have never dated a Brian, I felt its a safe name to use to avoid slander charges.

Monday, January 20

Music Monday

We have been listening to the new Eminem album around here a lot lately. It's fantastic. When we travel the kids all take turns picking a song to listen to. I love listening to them sing along to music, it warms my heart when we all sing together. And relax...we don't sing along to Eminem, that would be inappropriate (we actually do I just added that to not upset the parenting royalty). I remember loving music my parents were appalled with and I turned out just fine...kind of.


I am grateful for loving strangers who sent loving notes regarding Rita, thank you.

I am grateful for the time I get with the kids this week, I am so excited for days off with them.

I am grateful for hair day coming up in 2 weeks...I am going short again and I can't wait!


Friday, January 17

I Am Asking For A Favor

I watched my son play basketball tonight. It was so great for me to see him playing and enjoying a sport that was a huge part of my life for so many years. I started playing Basketball around the same age he is now. I was invited to play by my friend Amy at the time and what probably seems like such a simple invite really redirected my life in ways I am sure not even I could tell.

Basketball became my life. There was a group of us that would play in a church gym for years. We would play as often as allowed, doing drills, practicing form and developing a bond with each other that still exists to this day. The group of us girls, and a few guys played all through school and a few even went on and played in college.

Basketball is the reason I tried in school. We had to maintain a certain GPA to be allowed to play on our school teams. Basketball is what kept a lot of us from troubles that often befall youth. Tonight while I cheered on my sons team I could not help but feel a warmth in my chest remembering years and years of joy this simple game gave me.

Basketball was a gift given to me buy a special woman. That woman's name was Rita.

Rita is my dear friend Amy's mom. I have known Rita since I was 10 years old.

Rita is one of the single most selfless women you will ever meet. I remember hours and hours spent with her learning this game. She would, without a word of complaint to any of us, spend over the course of 7 years afternoons coaching us. She would drive us to every game in her huge van and never asked us for gas money. She would offer up rewards to the winners of games of bump, knowing that we would try harder in practice when there was something to win. I remember sitting with her in the front seat talking to her about life and boys, sex and college. She was a second mother to us all. She was a second mother to me.

When I was a senior in high school I had a falling out with my own mother and for reasons I believe my mother was just in doing, told me she would not fund my playing Basketball my senior year which was devastating. Rita, not accepting this for me, made arrangements for me to clean her and her husbands place of business to earn the money needed to play my senior year which included uniform and travel expenses. She would also drive me at night to her office to do the cleaning.

Rita was not always our head coach. The years we had other coaches she would still attend every single game and would still drive us to every small town we had to go to. She would support for the side lines, often loudly...often very loudly, knowing what her girls could do. We won a lot, we were very good but we were only good because she has invested in the core group of us from such a young age. Rita not only dedicated her time and energy in us for Basketball, she would drive us Friday night into Calgary from our small home town to watch the 88's (a basketball team)  and to other events and activities, always in her huge van and ALWAYS with sunflower seeds to eat while she drove.

After dances and games she would always take us to Peters Drive in for food. We would drive around the city with our music blaring and playing pranks on other motorists. We would play firedrill games at red lights and spray people with water guns. She would laugh along with us and when one of us had some sort of problem she would lecture and council us to make better decisions.

Today before my sons Basketball game began I received news Rita is not well and is in the hospital.
She is such a private woman, that I feel I might be breaking her privacy by writing this, but I can't help it, after watching my sons games tonight having  floods of fond memories that all involved her.

So I am asking a favor, and I have never done that before.... I no longer know where I stand with faith. I am not sure what I feel or believe anymore concerning it..but I know what Rita believes, and so I am asking for prayer. I am asking for everyone who can and will to pray for her. The thought of this woman who has done so much for me and many others over the years to not be well in anyway is not something I can handle. I am not sure how prayer looks for everyone, but I don't care. If it's meditation, happy thoughts or actual words to a higher power on bended knee..whatever it is, I am asking for it now.

While my son ran up and down the court tonight all I could think about was Rita in her black pants and matching jacket hollering at us to run faster and to try harder.

I owe so much to that wonderful woman,  my eyes are blurry with tears and my heart is so very heavy tonight.

Basketball is one of the reasons I wanted to have kids. To one day cheer from the sidelines, to be a mom like her, to give another child the love of this beautiful game the way she gave it to me.

I am grateful.


P!NK Concert

See Pink in concert

Another bucket list item removed off my list. Yesterday before the concert Mars (the morning show woman I work with) was still not feeling 100% so she gave me her two tickets so the already amazing concert was made just a tad bit more amazing when I got to sit so close to the stage that I didn't have to look at the screen once, I could see her clear as day. 

I did cry a few times from the sheer overwhelming feeling of seeing her and hearing her sing the songs that have been with me through some of the most difficult and exciting times in my life. But overall, it was just a night of fun and energy. 

She puts on one hell of a performance! I can't wait to see her again one day. It was sensational, and to have gotten to share it with so many of my closest friends made it that much better. 

I was completely awe struck the entire time. I couldn't help but wonder, are there really men out there that can handle and love such a strong woman? Are there really men that don't feel threatened buy that sort of powerful, capable and no-nonsense woman? I would like to meet one of those men one day...

....Or maybe, it's our girlfriends and best friends who are our soul mates, and boys are just around to have fun with.


I am grateful for Mars. Completely and with tear filled eyes, I am so grateful for you my dear, thank you. I am grateful for the concert cancellation and for things working out even better then they would have.

I am grateful for getting to share such a fantastic night with my friends.

I am grateful for the warm weather and sunshine today.


Tuesday, January 14

Finding Mr. Perfect....The Outtakes.

I feel I am seasoned in online dating now, I have been on enough bad dates to know the cardinal rule is to never agree/commit to anything more than coffee on first meeting. You never agree to a movie, a dinner or activity that could possibly last longer than 15 minutes in case it is a total disaster and you need to bail quickly. I made this mistake only a few times in the beginning and have, so I thought, learned my lesson. Unless you are meeting a guy you clearly have a major spark with, you never I mean NEVER lock yourself down for anything you can't escape from gracefully. 

You would THINK I have learned by now... 

*Brian messaged me one day and seemed to be fantastic. He was really tall, awkwardly handsome, he was witty and had great banter on text. He asked questions and seemed really interested in my answers. We texted for a few days and then plans were made to meet. I broke from my normal coffee only because I was pretty confident this guy was a good one. So, against my better judgment and  previous training in the dating department, I agreed to dinner. When I met *Brian at his favorite pub I was early and ended up waiting for him. I didn't mind, it was nice feeling the anticipation every time the door opened. Finally *Brian arrived. He was really tall, I like tall. He was wearing a lot, A LOT of camo.  He walked up to the table I was sitting at and the first thing he said was "why did you pick these shitty seats?" He grabbed my beer and walked over to a table with a bench that wrapped around it. His boldness made me smile. I sat beside him on the North side of the table, he sat on the west side. I was disappointed when I could smell chewing tobacco on him and it was in his teeth. 

I asked him to continue telling me the story he had been texting me about earlier, but I could barely make sense of the story with all the vulgarity thrown in for what I am assuming was affect. And I assure you I KNOW I am not one to judge, I can swear like a sailor, so if I think it's a lot...than it's a lot. 

The other thing I struggled with was this grunt sort of noise he would make that I figure was a sound of affirmation, but I cant be sure. 

When our waitress came to take our order *Brian ordered a salad and a burger. I ordered a salad and I continued to try and piece together his story. His texts were so much clearer, in writing he was a fantastic communicator. 

When the food arrived I got my plate sorted and situated nicely, I handed *Brian a knife and fork that were wrapped in a napkin but he motioned no thank you, he had already started on his side salad with his fingers. 
I just pretended I didn't see that. I figured, to each his own, maybe he lived in a country while serving a humanitarian mission that did not use forks and he is holding on to that experience by continuing this tradition. I kept my head down trying not to stare. I was doing okay at not being completely disgusted when he scooped up ketchup with his fingers while eating his fries and licking it off his fingers (yes scooping it up WITH NO FRIES)  but I could no longer keep my cool when he spat something across the table that was in his teeth. 

I didn't know if I should keep eating my food, I was genuinely concerned something might have hit my plate and the thought made me a little queasy. I wiped my mouth and placed my napkin on the little bit that was left. I was done. I did my best to concentrate on his family history while he picked his teeth with his finger nails but i could no longer sit there when he wiped his nose with the back of his hand. 

I told him how nice it was to meet him but I must be going now. I stood up quickly and put on my jacket. He walked with me to my van and when I least expected it he spun me around and kissed me...well tried ended up this weird half lip and cheek kiss. I could taste ketchup. 

When I go into my van I just giggled to myself. I am really good at so many things, men just doesn't seem to be one of them. 


I am grateful for strong lotion for my dry and sore skin. I hate winter. 

I am grateful for the sunshine today. 

I am grateful 2 more sleeps until P!NK!!!!! 


*For legal reasons I am going to name all of my dates on my blog Brian. I feel it is a safer way to tell these stories using an alias for the men. I have never dated a Brian, most men my age are either named Ryan, Brad, Mike, Kyle or Scott. Apparently when male children were being born in 1975-79 there were only these names available to choose from. 

*For legal reasons I am going to name all of my dates on my blog Brian. I feel it is a safer way to tell these stories using an alias for the men. I have never dated a Brian, most men my age are either named Ryan, Mike, Kyle or Scott. Apparently when male children were being born in 1975-79 there were only these names available to choose from. So, with that..the outtakes to finding Mr.Perfect.

Monday, January 13

Music Monday

One of my favorite things...sharing music.

Enjoy and have a great week.

 Jason derulo Talk Dirty To Me

 The Fray Love Don't Die

 Haim The Wire


I am grateful for a great weekend with my kids.

I am grateful for opportunities that my children are given.

I am grateful for my dear friends children are feeling better. I hate being so far away when their little ones get so sick and end up in hospital. I am so thankful all is well with them.


Saturday, January 11

Walmart Breakdown

I have not done much today. Most of this Saturday has been spent trying to readjust sections of this seemingly shrinking  house to make it work for us just a little bit longer. The reality is I am going to need to think about moving soon, but I am ignoring that for now and just keep telling myself that reorganizing and de-cluttering yet again is all I need. Sigh...

Other than garbage bags, sweeping and regular house chores I have had nothing note worthy to write about today (except that I have started Downton Abby which is fantastic so far BTW) and seeings how I have a goal to write daily I was fearing the worst...nothing to write.

I have cleaned my laundry room and organized it now in such a manner that even Martha Stewart would be impressed, but I needed to run to Walmart to pick up 100 more hangers (still not very impressive writing material). That's when Nora saved the day and gave me something to write about...all hail NORA.

I have been a mother for 12 years now and I can honestly say I have NEVER been more embarrassed or uncomfortable in those 12 years then I was today.
I was in line, waiting for the cashier to run my 100 hangers through (I was not exaggerating about the number of hangers I bought) when Nora came up to me with a candy and asked if she could have it.
I said "no" and that was the end.

H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T... the transformations that happened next was incredible. Thank heavens Ethan was with me.

Please (with a smile) quickly turned into
"mom, I want the candy"
Turned to "I want this candy now"
turned into jumping up and down yelling "I want this candy"
turned into "give me the candy"
to kicking my leg yelling "I want the candy"
to full on yelling and screaming "I WANT THIS CANDY."

The line at this till was almost 8 deep and I didn't know what to do but laugh.
Ethan was begging Nora to stop and he even said, "if you just shut up I'll buy you the candy!"

"Not a chance in Hell", I said. I paid for my hangers gave the candy to the cashier and took Noras hand and walked out with EVERYONE staring at me.

Now, I will happily admit when I am adding seasoning to a story to make it better, I promise you, she was yelling so loud everyone and I mean EVERYONE was staring at us as we walked out.
I didn't really know what to do, I wanted to drop her off at the customer service and say, this little darling seems to have lost her mummy...but she was grabbing on to me and hanging from my leg yelling mom, so clearly that option was out.  To make matters worse, this couldn't have happened when I looked like a million bucks, no, today when my daughter is reenacting a scene from american physico I had to be in true Walmart attire of lulus and a hairband with uncombed hair.... Looking as trashy as humanly possible, of course.

We made it out to the van and I loaded her in and sat in the drivers seat with my hands shaking. Poor Ethan was humiliated. We just sat there together in silence.

Yes, there it is Julie...the reward you have been waiting for. My daughter has become exactly like me.

Now I have 2 very tired children in tears who are angry with me because I am making them go to bed early.
I LOVE being a single parent today.  F***


I am grateful no one in that line at Walmart came up to me to comment in any way about my daughter. I fear even the most well intentioned person would have gotten their head torn clear from their body.

I am grateful for friends who make me laugh through the tears.

I am grateful for a clean laundry room.


Friday, January 10

Thank Gawd For Pasta Spoons

Last night while I was working out my back began to itch. I reached back to scratch it and I couldn't get it. It was smack in the middle of my back, that ungodly sport no one can reach on their own. I am convinced that every animal in the world has that one spot that, despite some valiant back breaking attempts, can not be reached no matter how hard you contort yourself. It is how I know we are not suppose to be alone in this life. It's just not right that we can be made with this tiny section of our bodies that can only be scratched with the help of another. Some people think animals mate for companionship, happiness, raising and growth even. No! We mate so we can reach each others itchy spots.

When the mild and not- too- bad itch morphed into the itchiest thing that would drive the sanest woman into a raging lunatic I became desperate really fast. I was scratching it against the corner of the wall with no success, I tried to relieve my suffering against the table. Finally, I went into the drawer in my kitchen and found a metal spoon for pasta and nearly scratched my skin off. The euphoria was instant. Itch gone. BEST FEELING EVER. ..well, second best.


I am grateful there are only 5 more sleeps until P!NK!!!!!! I am beside myself excited!

I am grateful for figuring out how to make this tiny house work for me for a little bit longer.

I am grateful for people who are happy.


Thursday, January 9

Finding Mr. Perfect....The Outtakes

I have been pretty open with the fact that I have been dating, but I have never really shared some of the dates themselves. Now having been on countless dates over the last 2 years with almost as little success as humanely possible, I have decided to share a few of the better ones (and by better ones I mean total messes) here on my blog. My intention is to make you happily married people MORE grateful for finding "the one" and for my single readers, I want this to reassure you that you are not the only ones having shit luck with this dating garbage. I also hope it proves to be a little comic relief for all.

*For legal reasons I am going to name all of my dates on my blog Brian. I feel it is a safer way to tell these stories using an alias for the men. I have never dated a Brian, most men my age are either named Ryan, Mike, Kyle or Scott. Apparently when male children were being born in 1975-79 there were only these names available to choose from. So, with that..the outtakes to finding Mr.Perfect. (The name of this section of my blog is courtesy of Melanie, thanks love.)

It took me a while to build up the confidence to get out and date again after my separation and divorce. I am not sure why it was so scary, perhaps it was the fear of ending up back where I started (in a unhealthy relationship). Maybe it was the lack of confidence in what I had to offer..I am not too sure. So when I did finally decided to try and "get back in the saddle" as my girlfriend N said to, I was very hesitant to accept dinner or coffee invites from men I had met online. I was WAY more picky and would eliminate them from a coffee date for stupid and petty reasons...I have now gotten to the point where, if you text or message me in a complete sentence, can make me laugh and you have at least a semi attractive photo up I will agree to coffee. That might sound awful but it's true.
I believe you can find a connection in unlikely places. I try to be open to meeting not just a certain "type" of guy but really allowing myself to see whats out there. Unfortunately by dating this way, it allows for a few (more than few) duds to slip between the cracks. Thus...we have dates like these.

One of my favorite date stories (I think I have mentioned on here already, but will recap) was the time I met a guy for a beer after work one day. His profile picture seemed not too bad (his smiles were all closed mouth smiles and he was kind of  cute, also our messages seemed okay, he was not witty but pleasant.

I have a rule, when I go for a beer, I never drive after. So I had prearranged with J to come pick me up after. When I arrived at the pub I looked at my watch, it was the top of the hour. I walked into the front door and there was a man sitting at a table facing the door who waved at me as I was looking around.
I walked over to the table and *Brian introduced himself and that's when I noticed his 2 missing teeth. It was hard to see them at first because the rest of his teeth were a shade of beige/brown but the more he talked the 2 missing ones (right in the front) became more obvious. I was also a little taken aback when he started talking about the mass genocide he wished would happen to the gay and lesbian population. I was stunned. My shock furthered when he tossed the menu at me and told me to order whatever I wanted to because it was my "pre F****  feast."

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I texted J to come pick me up because this was ending here and now. When I went back out to the table and told him that I needed to go, this was not going to go anywhere he told me "I'll give you a ride home, it will only cost you a HJ."

J was there to pick me up within minutes, the entire date..22 minutes! A new world record I think! When it was all over and I was telling my friend about it, I was so shocked telling the story thinking to myself, did that REALLY happen? Are there really still people like that out there? Yes there are!

Another Date I went on last summer was with a nice man named *Brian who was adorable. He was tall and had a beard, great conversation and was kind of funny.  He agreed to meet me for dinner at a Thai restaurant. I was so excited I went and bought myself a new pair of skinny jeans days before so I would look nice with my heels. We met at the restaurant and he ordered for us (I absolutely LOVE when guy orders for me. I make it a rule to pay for my own meal, but he can order). We both ordered drinks, him an ice tea and I had a pop. NO BOOZE!! It was a wonderful meal and he had me giggling most of dinner with his stories of his home town. I wasn't really feeling much of a physical attraction but he was fun to chat with .
When we decided to leave, we agreed to go for a walk, this part the city is beautiful and allows for good people watching opportunities which we both enjoy. When we walked out of the restaurant, I wasn't really paying attention when I opened the front door (I was walking in front of him) and there was a tiny step that, due to my lack of attentions paid, I completely missed and in a matter of a split second found myself on my hands and knees on the cement sidewalk with not just my date rushing to me but the old man in his car who had witnessed the whole thing.
I stood up, dusted myself off and that's when I noticed the hole in my new jeans and the blood that was coming through my newly scraped knee. Good Heavens did that hurt! My palms were scraped up and sore too. Thank gawd I don't get embarrassed easily. I just started laughing. My dinner date *Brian felt this was the appropriate time to begin hugging me and asking if I was okay, which was drawing even more attention to my recent fall.  For those of you who know me well, I am NOT a huggy person, and often will shy away for any form of PDA even when I am really into the guy. I was very uncomfortable with this guys arms around me mostly because it seemed like he was not interested in letting go anytime soon. The blood was making an even bigger mess of my pants and now started to really hurt. I started to talk and said something like, "I could really use a Kleenex for my knee" assuming this might be a normal social cue to let go of this WAY TOO LONG hug...still nothing. He had a death grip on me.

I finally had to, in a kind way, push away from *Brian so I could clean myself up.
My jeans had a hole in them, my knee was hurting a lot now and I just wanted to go home. *Brian, not wanting our date to end said, "lets walk and I will show you something interesting" I was in an bit of a bad mood now, I was sore (ooh BTW the knee I fell on was the same knee from my rock climbing accident a few years ago) I didn't want to be rude and was still new-ish to this dating stuff so I thought I could tough this out. We walked (I limped) for about 20 minutes and I still had no idea where we were headed, so I asked. To my surprise he was planning to take me down to see the river...ANOTHER 30 MINUTE WALK..yes, that seems reasonable to make this bleeding girl who's limping walk more!
I just stopped and said, my knee is sore and I am cold, I think I need to head home.

When we finally got back to my van and we finished the delightful conversation of how fast lactose can make him have diarrhea and how he has, on more than one occasion, almost shat himself, I said good bye and thanked him for our date. Without warning he swooped in to try and kiss me, which was as graceful as my exit of the restaurant earlier..I managed to dodge with a well timed matrix back bend. He looked at me shocked and said, "I really wanted to kiss you!" I awkwardly laughed, smiled and said, "no kissing on the first date, but thank you."
I thought to myself, "well I want to sleep with Ryan Reynolds..doesn't mean it's gonna happen"

I Got in my van and drove away.

How can two people go on the same date and see it so completely differently?
Sigh...those were good jeans too. Dammit!


I am grateful I can laugh at myself.

I am grateful for encouraging friends.

I am grateful for the hope that I am not alone in these disasters.


Wednesday, January 8

Old School

I had taken my old rotary phone to work for a Mad Men themed party a while ago and somehow forgot about my phone in a box. I found it the other day and brought it back upstairs for the kids to play with and enjoy. I giggled for a half hour watching Nora try and figure it out.

"It's a phone?" She says.
"Yes Nora, It's a phone, you call people on it"
"How do you carry it?'
"You don't"
...strange look from her

Children make me smile.


I am grateful for real coffee cream in my coffee this morning. I had never understood the big deal...ooh my! Now I understand. 

I am grateful for a place that always makes me feel beautiful and takes such good care of me. Fusion Salon is the best. There is nowhere like it! 

I am grateful for ability to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously. 

Tuesday, January 7

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!

It's been a long week. Covering for the morning show, although really fun and fast paced, is a bit tiring and I end up in bed the same time as most grandmas. Dinner is early afternoon too...pretty exciting stuff.
But this week the kids are back home and things feel normal again. There is nothing greater than the sound of the kids laughter and chatting. Now that I have a preteen we have started the new stage of snotty silence too. When someone doesn't get their way, the eyes roll deep breathing and sighing occur and the miserable facial expressions. I look forward to the slamming of doors..this stage should be fun. I remember it all too well.

I have concluded though, much like when these little people were infants, almost everything can be solved with food or sleep and I am still right! I made everyone go to bed fairly early last night, despite the protests, and when everyone woke up this morning almost 11 hours later there was a vast improvement in moods and demeanor.

I am excited for this new year. I have big plans for 2014, it's going to be fun and there will be lots crossed off my bucket list. I have decided there is going to be a big difference in what I allow this year in regards to how others treat me and where I allocate my time and efforts. It will be a good year that is filled with more meaningful things.

One of the things I am most excited for this year is how my parents are starting a new chapter in their lives and are off on a new adventure soon. The for sale sign is up in front of our old Strathmore home and I have seen pictures of their new place. When I first heard the news that this was actually happening and it was no longer just talk, I selfishly felt sad again. I was sad with the feelings of uncertainty and the desire to feel like I was from somewhere, but the more I looked at the pictures of their new place I felt a calm about their safety (they will no longer be a short drive away and what if something happened) and I felt joy thinking that now my parents will be living their dream. They have fantastic friends who already drive out to BC so they will still see all the people they love. It's going to be such an exciting time for them.

And again, selfishly, I will see my happy place in BC more now that they will live there.


I am grateful for Oikos and Liberte Greek yogurts. Good Heavens those are the greatest yogurts.

I am grateful for friends who help with last minute changes.

I am grateful for movies that make me think and change the way I think about things.