Monday, December 16

Simple Genius and Christmas Parties

The Apple TV remote is ALWAYS getting misplaced! I am not exactly sure how other houses manage without losing it but it has become a daily event to call everyone upstairs for an impromptu search party. Until the other night when Seth had a stroke of Genius.


I am grateful for the semi nicer weather. It was nice to see the sun yesterday. It's been a while.

I am grateful for Fusion Salon. You guys always do such a nice job and make me feel so beautiful. The night of my staff work party this weekend was so fun, Thank you!!! I loved it!

Rob & Joelle asshattery. 

Gawd I love you lady!! 

Rob lip syncing to Gowan. 

Rachel's Ginge telling us a story about something (He was actually saying how beautiful he thinks she is when shes pregnant) it was nauseatingly adorable! are a good friend. I am sorry this night we have every year always seems to end the same!!! hahahah but we made it home alive and to be honest, there were 2 times I didn't think that was going to happen. 

I am grateful to get to work for a company that treats us so well.