Monday, October 21

Cinderella Is Having A Beer

I got a second job. I have had it for a month now. I was debating whether or not to talk about it because, if I am being honest, I was a little embarrassed about it all. But now, after a little time to decide how I feel about it all, and in the spirit of being more unapologetic about my life, I can talk about it openly and laugh about it.

I clean houses in my spare time. When kids are in school and during the times when they are with their father for a week I clean. It is easy money and for the most part I enjoy it. It doesn't leave much time for a life, but I don't have loads of things to do anyway. 

I work for a darling woman and with a few young girls. We have a pretty good time together. I just crank my music and clean. I really love cleaning old peoples homes, that's my favorite. I feel like I am doing a real service for them because they can't do it for themselves. It's a fairly decent work out too. I'll often just listen to music and think about things that need my attention, solve my own issues. I started referring to myself as Cinderella. 

The days I don't enjoy are the days I am just re-cleaning clean, the owner is breathing over my shoulder while I clean or the times I get yelled at. 

Yes, that has happened. Today actually. I just got back. And now because of an incident where Cinderella, all sweaty and with arms full of towels, got spoken to rather loudly regarding a plastic bottle falling down a flight of stairs that could have "dented the floor"
 ...she is having a beer with lunch.

Cinderella diaries might become a regular feature here for a while.  

Days like today I see how completely and entirely wrong I am for the service industry. If people could hear my thoughts, I would probably be arrested. 

But it's humbling and has proven to be rewarding in ways I could never have imagined. For example the other day when I was talking to the kids about it (me having a second job and cleaning) one of the boys said to me, "it's cool that you do that for us and that you don't think you're too good to clean someone else house." 

I was feeling humbled after that conversation with them, cause to be honest,  I did feel that way a little..but now I don't. Now I see how this is teaching them you just do what you have to do and when you do it happily it makes life that much better. 

So I am going to finish my well deserved beer then have a nap before I go to work tonight. 

Life is good, I just wish those damn mice and stupid birds actually came to help when you sang. Disney, you're a liar! 


I am grateful for doing this on my own. The sense of accomplishment is beyond anything I have ever experienced so far. 

I am grateful for my friends who keep me sane and children who keep me humble. 

I am grateful for this beautiful fall day. It's warm and perfect outside. I love days like today.