Friday, August 16

New Bucket List Items

As is the tradition with my Bucket List once I cross something off I need to replace it with something new. When I was going over things and looking over my Bucket list I noticed I had forgotten to cross off a few things I had done last year. So I actually need to add three things.

Because I went on a trip alone to BC and went and saw the whales.

I am adding:

1- To go on a trip with someone. Someone not platonic.

2-I would like to get my motorcycle license and own a bike. (This was on my list a long time ago, but after my biological fathers accident it got removed) I'm ready to add it again.

3-I want to do something that absolutely terrifies me, but I want to do it because it matters to someone else and they invited me to join them.

Those are my new additions.

And soon I will be back to work, life will resume and I will again be busy and stressed. I have learned to really love this bucket list and the magic it has. It is not something that I constantly think about and it doesn't make anything easier. I am still a single parent to 4 kids. I still pay a mortgage and bills and I am still lonely sometimes. But this little list every once in a while reminds me that I am still a woman and I still have things to do and dreams to dream.
The universe still has surprises for me and there are still things in store that I don't know about yet, and that keeps me going.

Here are a few left over pictures from my last day in Vancouver. It was cocktail time with MC and Maclean. Gawd I love those women!

This is Maclean breaching like a whale.  


I am grateful for a comfortable bed and good pillows. 

I am grateful for a good cup of tea. 

I am grateful for good eyebrows, thank you mom for good eyebrows.