Monday, April 8

The Weird Non Apology Apology I Got...

I received a face book message the other night from a woman I have not spoken to more then 5 times in my entire life and the last time was years ago. I have no context for receiving this random letter either.
I have thought it over long and hard and I have decided to share it will everyone along with my feelings concerning it.

I am happy. I work hard at a job that I love and find fulfillment in. I have good people in my life and I enjoy my time with them. When I received this it really upset me, it shouldn't have, but it did. I felt sick to my stomach that there are a group of women in the world who once were friends of mine that are now sitting around with nothing better to do then gossip and say hurtful things about me and my children, and about my life that none of them know (or have cared to ask) about.  I do not know why this was sent to me, it was hurtful and manipulative and mean. But now I will learn from it. I will also teach my children form this as well. So I do thank you for that.

May I suggest, for the future, reading a book, learning to paint, possibly even starting a hobby. Watch the news or read a news paper, heck even learn a joke or two so you will have some sort of educated content for the next gathering you attend. Doing that will help you have meaningful things to discuss instead of just gossiping about others.

As my grandmother use to say, "Strong minds discuss world events and ideas, feeble minds discuss people."

Why as women do we error on the side of such passive aggressive behavior, just to make ourselves feel better?



I am grateful for the people who are in my life. Strong and intelligent and kind people.

First Few Dates Down

I am completely finished with this horrific weather. I am so finished I am not even going to address it on my blog..sigh

So this week has been fun, I have had the opportunity to go on a few dates and it has been good.  In true Joelle style I of course can't just go on a normal date, no, I cant just go out and have a nice relaxed time. Nope, not I. I find and go out with a guy who's currant profession is legally questionable, so much so that half way through the date (and 3 beers in) when he tells me what he does I have to go into the washroom to phone my police friend to come pick me up because I didn't want to stay and possibly be involved with anything.

Then on date number two after dinner (which I'll have you know I only drank Pepsi with) as I was walking out of the restaurant I missed the step and fell completely flat on my face. I put a hole in my jeans and cut my knee. Thankfully I don't get embarrassed and just started to laugh. sigh..I am such a knob!

But I have had some neat conversations with these guys. The one I would really like to share was my date this past weekend with a handsome Fire Fighter.  We met for a beer and talked about some common ground we share. During our conversation he made a innocent and beautiful comment about a coworker of mine. He simply said how beautiful she was, and how she was even more beautiful when she was pregnant.

Rachel is a dear friend of mine and when he said this I couldn't help but smile. These small moments when I see there are really great guys out there that see real women as beautiful in all our stages of life and not require them/us to be super model non eating skinny all the time made me so happy.
It's nice to have this dating thing sprinkled with moments like these that keep me believing someone great is out there for me.

Dating is not easy, but it's going okay.


I am grateful for Jenna. Anyone who knows me knows I love pranks!! On Aprils fools day she went to a lot of trouble and got me not once, not twice, but three times! Her end prank was when she hid in my van early in the morning and as I went outside to get into the van to go to work, I opened the door and she sent off an air horn. Scared me so bad I dropped my purse and slammed the door closed. I started to laugh and then opened the van door again slowly waiting for the air horn to go off again, it didn't and I went to put my stuff in the van, that's when she came crawling out the back of my van. Scared me so bad again I think I peed!! It was awesome!!!

I am grateful for blog comments. You guys are awesome and I always appreciate hearing your thoughts and feeling your support.

I am grateful for new flavors of tea to try.