Sunday, March 31

A Van Can Not 4x4

After the huge dump of snow last week, our residential streets have become total hell. People are getting stuck trying to go a block, so the town did a snow removal. When the town does snow removal it is always a gong show for this house. I don't have a drive way, garage or back-ally to park in. So Jenna and I beg to park at other peoples places and then we have to do our best to work around the mountains of snow in the center of the streets.

Well, I had to get to work and I forgot I drive a mini van now and not the Yukon XLT like I use to.

Oops.. Clearly it was close, I almost had it.

Funny enough, one guy stopped, 5 more drive past (even though I was clearly still needing help) and 3 women stopped. It was a fun 30 minutes. And yes, the guy is using a hockey stick to help dig me out.


I am grateful for kind neighbors and strangers.

I am grateful for deciding to wear boots that day and not the high heels I had originally planned.

I am grateful I have the ability to laugh when crap happens.