Friday, March 15

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Today Is Jenna's Birthday.

Jenna is the nanny of this house. I have not properly introduced Jenna yet to many people, so today shall be the day!

Everyone this is Jenna, Jenna...everyone.

To give you a few stats on Jenna so you can all bond with her more. Jenna is an EMT by trade. She is currently training  and hoping to join the Canadian Olympic team. Jenna is a distance runner and works out about 100 hours a day, which doesn't allow her to have a "normal" job. So after she is done training and lifting boulders she watches my crew so I can work.

Jenna, on your special day I want you to know how thankful I am for your help. You are grossly over qualified for this role, yet you keep coming back every day. I also know what you get paid, so I know there is some deep reason you do this cause you aint gonna retire anytime soon...

You are a good woman Jenna. You work hard and you give my children laughter and stability when I am out of the home. I love you for that. You allow me to go to work with confidence knowing my children are safe, well cared for and loved. You also silently support and encourage me when things are not going well, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

I hope on your special day you are spoiled rotten and are taken out by handsome men...ooh wait, you are doing rig work today to earn ACTUAL money on your days off, so you can keep working for me to earn nothing...

You are a special woman, and I adore you! Even though you turned off the furnace in my house in the dead of winter because you were "too hot". That story now makes me laugh. Happy Birthday my friend! You are a gem and I hope you feel as loved as you are!


I am grateful that I have always found solid and wonderful women to help care for my children while I work. Peace of mind is the greatest thing any working parent can have.

I am grateful the nail that was hammered into my tire didn't cost too much to repair.

I am grateful to have friends that know me so well and all called and left excited messages yesterday when the news that Pink was coming to Edmonton. PINK is coming to EDMONTON!!!!! I still can not believe it!