Friday, January 18

She Finally Did It, And Did It GOOD

All of the boys have cut their hair. Two of them have done it more than once. Seth cut his bangs off at the scalp. I know it is a part of growing up, every child does it. I had just hoped maybe I might skip the right of passage with Nora....I hoped. She has trimmed a tiny piece off once, but nothing too dramatic.

I took Nora for a trim at Fusion Hair Salon on Wednesday and she looked great. Thursday Morning I was doing a few things around the house, I try to catch up on my days off, and I walked into the bathroom to clean up and there it was, staring at me on the counter top.

A HUGE chunk of her golden locks was laying there. Beside it was a piece of purple hair I later found out belonged to Barbie. There was no hiding this. It was the entire side of her head.

For the most part I am a fairly patient woman. I still have a sense of humour when my children ruin things, break my dishes and have cut through my leather couch (when they were really little). But for whatever reason I did not have much in the way of ha ha after this. I packed her up, and off to Fusion we headed. again...for the second time in two days.

Turns out, she looks adorable with short hair and I actually like it better this way. Sigh...okay, maybe it was not such a bad thing after all.


I am grateful for a group of friends who happen to all be hair stylists, and who always take good care of me and my kids! muah!!

I am grateful for the warm weather, it helps with my off mood.

I am grateful for a much needed ladies night tonight.