Wednesday, December 4

Myth Busters Night Out

I took the boys to see Myth Busters this week. It happened by chance that I even found out about it. I went to go buy Seth a Myth Busters book for Christmas and the woman selling the book made a comment about how they were in Edmonton that night. I made a few calls and tickets were found. (Well done Samantha!!)

I was really excited for the boys to see Jamie Hyneman and Adan Savage live, we have been watching the Myth Busters for years and I knew it would be a fun night. But I was most excited for Seth to see them. Seth is my science child. Seth has read and re read every know how book in our entire house at least 12 times. He is my logical thinker and he is very analytically minded. When Jamie and Adam came on stage I could hardly watch them I was enjoying watching Seth more. Seth was on the edge of his seat the entire time. Watching him react and listening to him answer the questions Jamie and Adam asked. I loved when they would ask for a volunteer from the audience and Seth would practically rip his own arm off to wave it higher in hopes of getting picked. I could have sat there and listened to my boys gasp and giggle all night. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time.


I am grateful for the joy children bring.

I am grateful for getting a good parking spot and it not being too cold out to walk that night.

I am grateful for the imaginations and dreams of children.