Monday, December 30

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy!

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

12 years old today you are you are!

You are such a handsome young man. We are at the threshold of some big change. You are almost a teenager and I the mother of a teenager. We are not always going to see eye to eye, we are experiencing that already. I promise I will do my best to be as fair as possible, but I can't be your friend during this time. I will walk along beside you and do my best to help guide you along your journey, and it is your journey not mine.. but I will need to be your parent and that will cause conflict sometimes. I promise to do my best to not hold grudges when you say or do mean things and I will be quick to forgive but trust is a big part of this next chapter for us. In the end, we will make it through. I will have more gray hair and you will be taller than me soon. We will grow together. Please do your best to remember I have never parented this age yet, I didn't get instructions with's all on the job training. But I trust, if we keep laughing together and talking like we do, we will be just fine.

Happy Birthday my boy, I love you!



I have been crying all day and writing this is only making the tears come faster. My baby is 12 and I will never have another baby to hold. This stage of my life is over and I can hardly remember it. It feels like it was so long ago yet when you are in the baby stage it feels like it will never end. I will never feel a baby kick inside me again.. or smell that new baby smell on my skin when I wake early in the morning to feed it.

I am grateful for the memories that we have made together.

I am grateful for my beautiful children.

I am grateful for dinner with my boy who makes me laugh and when he laughs its from his belly and makes his head go back.

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