Monday, November 25

Seth Turns 9

Happy Birthday Seth!!!

Whenever we spend time together I find it so fascinating. It's amazing how someone can look so similar to me yet be the complete opposite in personality. You are so soft spoken and gentle,  introverted and methodical. I love watching you do anything because I know it will be done with the greatest of care and done correctly. I look forward, with great anticipation, to see where life will take you. You are so full of potential it's astounding.  You always seem so happy and content, you are slow to anger and when you have something to say it's always so thought out. Strange as it might sound my sweet boy, I worry about you and your future the least, not from a lack of caring, but because by your very nature you are shockingly trustworthy already. You are going to be such an amazing man.

I am honoured to be your mom.

 I want ease for you my dear son, you have had such a difficult start to this life already, but I know struggle builds character and I know why its important to go through it. I hope you find your happiness and never lose it. When you smile it is so genuine it makes my heart happy. I love seeing you smile. All parents should get to have a child like you, you make it so easy.

I love you,



I am grateful for my children, for their health and happiness.