Thursday, November 21

Metaphor's, Music & Mustaches

You might think I would have learned my lesson by now that red wine and blogging are not a good combination, but here I sit again with both, writing metaphors.

Why cant I figure out technology? It seems like something that most people have figured out so easily. It appears so natural and many seem to pick it up so effortlessly. Why do I struggle with it? Samantha came over tonight to help me fix my wireless router, she gets it. If my life depended on my ability to install and run this small thing, I would be dead in mere moments. I have tried over and over and over again to understand its complexities, its working parts but to no avail.

I am good at a lot of things, really good actually, but not this one thing. I feel like if I could understand it, so many other parts of my life would be so much easier, better even, enhanced.

My desire for excellence in this area seems like a far off dream for now. Maybe it just isn't meant to be something I will be capable of.

Glad I have red wine.



I am grateful for music.

I am grateful for important papers that I signed with my name on them.

I am grateful for sick days with kids, even when everyone is unwell, we still had fun.