Friday, November 1

Halloween And All Things Scary

I got to go into work on Halloween and help out with some things going on there. It was fun to get professionally done up, a little better quality then the home make up job my mom use to do.

Cassy and I drove around the city in a blood splattered truck dropping off treats to people. It was a fun day.

After school the kids and I got ready and I took them out for a night of candy and the inevitable diabetic coma that comes from this time of year. It was one of the first times in years I remember it being so nice out the kids didn't need mitten or snow pants over their costumes. One of the houses had this bucket on it with the instructions to "please take one". I laughed to myself thinking, only in Canada would this happen, but but more that the kids would obey it and only take one.

It was a beautiful night. We decided to go trick or treating down by where Drew and R live. The streets have sidewalks on both sides and the kids wanted to see their friends. It was so nice having people say hi to the kids when we went door to door. They live in a nice part of town and were very kind to the kids.

When we returned home we had a few kids stop by with some impressive costumes, but this one was the hands down winner...

These girls brought their ponies into town and walked them from house to house. By the time they arrived at our house things were winding down, so I gave them 2 handfuls each.


I am grateful for a warm cup of tea after a cold night.

I am grateful for kind and loving gestures. (Thank you for the flowers and beautiful card, it made me cry)

I am grateful for good friend who make me smile.
Thanks mel!


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