Monday, November 25

Seth Turns 9

Happy Birthday Seth!!!

Whenever we spend time together I find it so fascinating. It's amazing how someone can look so similar to me yet be the complete opposite in personality. You are so soft spoken and gentle,  introverted and methodical. I love watching you do anything because I know it will be done with the greatest of care and done correctly. I look forward, with great anticipation, to see where life will take you. You are so full of potential it's astounding.  You always seem so happy and content, you are slow to anger and when you have something to say it's always so thought out. Strange as it might sound my sweet boy, I worry about you and your future the least, not from a lack of caring, but because by your very nature you are shockingly trustworthy already. You are going to be such an amazing man.

I am honoured to be your mom.

 I want ease for you my dear son, you have had such a difficult start to this life already, but I know struggle builds character and I know why its important to go through it. I hope you find your happiness and never lose it. When you smile it is so genuine it makes my heart happy. I love seeing you smile. All parents should get to have a child like you, you make it so easy.

I love you,



I am grateful for my children, for their health and happiness.

Thursday, November 21

Metaphor's, Music & Mustaches

You might think I would have learned my lesson by now that red wine and blogging are not a good combination, but here I sit again with both, writing metaphors.

Why cant I figure out technology? It seems like something that most people have figured out so easily. It appears so natural and many seem to pick it up so effortlessly. Why do I struggle with it? Samantha came over tonight to help me fix my wireless router, she gets it. If my life depended on my ability to install and run this small thing, I would be dead in mere moments. I have tried over and over and over again to understand its complexities, its working parts but to no avail.

I am good at a lot of things, really good actually, but not this one thing. I feel like if I could understand it, so many other parts of my life would be so much easier, better even, enhanced.

My desire for excellence in this area seems like a far off dream for now. Maybe it just isn't meant to be something I will be capable of.

Glad I have red wine.



I am grateful for music.

I am grateful for important papers that I signed with my name on them.

I am grateful for sick days with kids, even when everyone is unwell, we still had fun.

Friday, November 8

Gelto, Cowboys and Very Kind People.

It was suggested to me the other day to ask my ex if one night a week, when he has the kids and I am not working, to take one of the kids out for some one on one time. It will be a great way to break up the long week of loneliness without them. Thankfully he was receptive and so the new tradition of mom and kid date night has begun. This week was my night with Gabe. Silly as it might sound, I was so excited to pick him up, I couldn't sit still.  It was nice to get to talk with him and laugh. He is such a beautiful child. We went out for soup and gelato. It is amazing to me the pride one can feel when you see how your children are growing into young adults. I am so thankful my children are funny and kind. Gabe told our server that he wanted his ice cream to come out at the same time as my soup, because he felt it was rude to start eating when I didn't have anything to eat yet. *Gush* What a gentleman.


I am grateful to you, kind lady, who dropped this beautiful bag off at my home unexpectedly yesterday. For the ridiculously kind things you said to me. Thank you for the beautiful statue that warmed my heart and for the breathtakingly generous gift that was inside the card. You might never know how much that did for me right now. But I can tell you one thing, it reminded me that I still very much believe in people, and that there is just as strong a force for good as there is for evil in this world.

I am grateful for Sam. She took me to the CFR last night and we had a wonderful time. Thank you. Thank you for deleting awful emails I get from people and for helping remind me that cowboys and beer make everything better. I even got a picture with Crash Cooper last night.

I am grateful.


Friday, November 1

Halloween And All Things Scary

I got to go into work on Halloween and help out with some things going on there. It was fun to get professionally done up, a little better quality then the home make up job my mom use to do.

Cassy and I drove around the city in a blood splattered truck dropping off treats to people. It was a fun day.

After school the kids and I got ready and I took them out for a night of candy and the inevitable diabetic coma that comes from this time of year. It was one of the first times in years I remember it being so nice out the kids didn't need mitten or snow pants over their costumes. One of the houses had this bucket on it with the instructions to "please take one". I laughed to myself thinking, only in Canada would this happen, but but more that the kids would obey it and only take one.

It was a beautiful night. We decided to go trick or treating down by where Drew and R live. The streets have sidewalks on both sides and the kids wanted to see their friends. It was so nice having people say hi to the kids when we went door to door. They live in a nice part of town and were very kind to the kids.

When we returned home we had a few kids stop by with some impressive costumes, but this one was the hands down winner...

These girls brought their ponies into town and walked them from house to house. By the time they arrived at our house things were winding down, so I gave them 2 handfuls each.


I am grateful for a warm cup of tea after a cold night.

I am grateful for kind and loving gestures. (Thank you for the flowers and beautiful card, it made me cry)

I am grateful for good friend who make me smile.
Thanks mel!