Tuesday, October 29

Uncle Ricos Glamour Shot

The kids brought home their school picture order forms this week. I asked Ethan if he wanted me to order them and which pose he likes best. As he handed me the forms in a zip lock bag and I open them to look, he said, "NO! Can we not order them, please!" 
I laughed, Why not (having not seen them yet)
He says, "I look like a perv..I look like uncle Rico's glamour shot off Nepolian Dynamite."
I giggled as I was opening the bag to see, "They cant be THAT bad Ethan"

Me, "Ooh my..."
He says,"See, I told you!"
As we both laugh, he said the best part of the pictures was the photographer told him to pose like this, then said "you could be a model."  

I think the trouble with school pictures is I have always gotten quality pictures done of my kids. I grew up in a house where we only got one family picture done when I was 10 and the only ones of me were from school..and they are often not the best quality. So when I had kids they always had beautiful pictures done of them. I have clearly spoiled them and set the standard of photography way too high. I am raising picture snobs. What can I say, I prefer pictures with personality and less solid green back drops. I know I know..I am picky. 

So I think today I will go get the kids hair cut and then get a group shot of us. I think it's time this little family gets a picture done together. And we will opt for less crown, less pervy glamour shot and maybe a little less green, maybe. 


I am grateful to have children with a sharp sense of humor. There are so many things in this world that will drag them down, I am so happy they are learning to see the witty aspects of life and see the silver lining in most situations. The ability to laugh will serve them so well. 

I am grateful for grateful children. We were given a gift this past weekend and it warms my heart that they all wanted to say thank you themselves to the giver. I am grateful for my new apple TV!! (Thank you)

I am grateful for a job that I love and allows me to work with good people who make me laugh. 


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Anonymous said...

I know of a FANTASTIC photographer!! She does all the photos of my little man and I!! Mags in Abbotsfield