Wednesday, October 30

My Ex's Girl Friend Is The BOMB!

Gabe has a school project due this week and things like this always stress me out to no end. I am in NO way creative. I have always hated arts crafts, even when I was younger, so when my kids have to make something important for class I would rather sand down my teeth then help. I know I should love it, other moms do, I am just not other moms. So with this social project I was more than happy to outsource it to my ex husband to do while the kids were at his house last week.

last night R came over to drop off the finished project for Gabe to add the "final touches" before handing it in on Friday. So when I got home last night from work and saw socks were completely blown off!

Holy Crap!! Everyone should have an Ex's new girlfriend to do stuff like this with their kids!  ...Wait?..

She even made a pumpkin out of modeling clay for the thing! Geez!
My little boy is so excited and proud of his project and for that I am eternally grateful.


I am grateful for the mindset of "it takes a village to raise a child"

I am grateful we all have different strengths.

I am grateful, so very grateful for the love my children get.


Not even a bleeding nose can interrupt a good game on the iPod. 

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