Monday, October 28

Family Visit And Horse Poop

I enjoy my job. I love every part of it actually. The hours work well for me and are conducive to a semi normal family life. The only things I miss out on are holidays. When families all get together for things like Thanksgiving, Rob and I are working. Thankfully it's not the entire day, so we still get a little bit of time off.

This Thanksgiving thought, I did miss out a little. My parents came up from Calgary, along with my brother and his GF Adele so the kids could see them for an afternoon and we could all be together a little for the long weekend. It was really nice.

As my mother often does, she decided to plan an activity for everyone to make the time more of course, what better activity then a private horse riding lesson for my kids.

My brother and I were far from privileged children growing up. My mom was a single parent for a few of our younger years then after marring Steve, we were still a modest home...but Dawson and I were fortunate enough to grow up with horses.
Me winning a ribbon for some riding event. 

We were taught to ride by our mother from the time we were babies. She is an English riding instructor.  We even did rodeo and she taught us to ride western too.

Because of the cost of horses and lifestyle of more organized sports we were involved with we stopped having horses when I was a teenager. I was one of those kids who took that gift for granted..."yeah we have horses, they are ok" .....
 I see it differently now, my parents were so great to make that happen for us, we were very lucky (and I was a horribly ungrateful) child in regards to the horses we had.

It's something my mother has always wanted for my kids, but because we live so far away it just has never worked out, until now. My mom got the kids an introductory riding lesson thanksgiving weekend and then signed them all up for riding lessons all winter. To be honest I am not sure who is more excited, her or them. She bought everyone boots and Nora has not stopped wearing them and has even named her future horse.
It's fun listening to the children talk about how excited they all are for the lessons and what they want to learn to do, it's also fun listening to my mother talk about the lessons and what she wants the kids to learn to do.

It's not often you get to help your parent fulfill a dream they have, so I eagerly look forward to driving into the city in a rush and freezing my ass off in that stinky barn every week for months watching my children learn to ride..because it will make my mother so very happy. I think I am doing it more for her then them..watching her eyes light up when she was telling me how good they did at their lesson will be worth every freezing second of this.

I missed all the riding, but I did get a little time with everyone at the house after work.

yes, my dad is flipping me off...

It was a nice day with everyone. My family even met Drew and R and the new baby when they came to pick up the kids. It was a nice Thanksgiving weekend. 


I am grateful for my family. They are supportive beyond words and I am lucky to have them. 

I am grateful I don't miss out on special times, and that my kids don't miss out. 

I am grateful for a mom who wants to give my kids a gift I could never afford to. I hope my children feel how loved they really are. 


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