Tuesday, September 24

My Little Ponies Graffiti And Explicit Pizza Delivery

I was in Costco yesterday and I saw a few carts that had these in them.

I giggled to myself. I bought one of those riding horses that make noise for Nora a few years ago and it looked pretty once too. Until she started watching My Little Ponies, now it looks like this.

Another funny moment this past week with the kids was when we ordered pizza one night. We have started watching New Girl with Zooey Deschanel on Netflix, it's HILARIOUS! We were watching an episode and the doorbell rang. Just as I answered the door the main character Jess (Zooey) started a rather funny yet explicit explanation of some rather adult metaphors...(Yes judgy McJudgers I don't think that is appropriate for children to hear) but my arms were full of pizza and wings and I was trying to get my bank card.

The T.V. was rather loud too and the pizza delivery guy was older and CLEARLY not impressed with what he was hearing. It was so awkward. When I was just about finished the exchange someone on the show yells, "go climb that snow capped mountain girl".

I could feel my face get flush and the delivery guy didn't even look me in the eyes, he just turned and left.

I closed the door and Ethan was staring at me with a blank look on his face and says, "gawd THAT was awkward". To which I responded, slightly annoyed, "yeah thanks...you do know you could have turned the TV off or at least down"!!!

He threw his head back and started laughing, "yeah I guess I could have".

Little turd!

We all laughed for the rest of the night.


I am grateful for how a clean house smells.

I am grateful for the beautiful colours of fall.

I am grateful for this stage of life with kids. They can be exhausting and man do they eat a lot, but the laughter that fills this house heals my soul. I actually wish I would have had more. (no I am not drunk)


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