Saturday, September 28

Motor Cycle Lessons

I am sitting here with a nice cold beer, a shit eating grin on my face (as my dad would call it) and the most incredible feeling of accomplishment mixed with longing in my chest.

 I just got home from my motorcycle lesson!

I have dreamed about this day for years. I grew up with my dad Steve having a bike. All his friends had bikes, I guess it's only natural that my brother Dawson and I would one day ride too.  I remember riding on my dads with him. He had a Honda Gold wing. I remember listening to stories he would tell us about going on rides to BC and how beautiful the roads were. I remember him telling Dawson and I about how him and his buddies would want to meet for coffee, so they would all get on their bikes and ride from Calgary to Banff for a simple cup of coffee. I remember wanting both, friends like that, and a bike to do that on. Even after all these years, my dads friends will still come visit us when we are all in BC during the summer for a night on their bikes while they ride through on their own vacations.

I love bikes.When I was in college I had a friend named Jeff who had a bike. I would sometimes go to work with him cleaning windows and he would pick me up on his bike. I loved coming home at the end of a long day, sitting behind him with my arms wrapped around him. I loved swaying between the cars and feeling the warm summer air on my skin. I loved how alive it feels to be on a bike.

The other day Sam texted me to tell me I was not to make any plans Saturday after work. I didn't think much of it, we often hang out on weekends I don't have the kids. My suspicions heightened when she texted a few days ago to say I will need to wear jeans, boots and my leather jacket too.
That's when I just knew! Sam had mentioned last year she wanted to do this for me for my birthday, but I wasn't ready. This year I was ready.

After work today Sam met me at the station and  we took off the second I was done. The lesson was at a huge parking lot on the outskirts of the city. I was so nervous when we pulled up. Darryl from TNT Motorcycling Rider Training was the name of the instructor. He was an older man with silver hair. He had a very warm smile and a bike with a helmet waiting for me.

He shook my hand and said, okay...get on.

He talked for a bit, explained the parts and what they did. Then before I knew it he said, "lets start it up."
Then he said, "okay, slowly let go of the clutch"

Um, "NO"

He laughed, "you need to let the clutch out a little to feel the bike."


I said, "That was a great lesson, I don't need to do any more. I'm good."

He laughed again. When you're ready, slowly let go...

I took a few deep breaths and decided shitting my pants was not an ideal thing to do right then.
So I just said to myself...try...

So I did.

Oh my good heavens..I am in love. What a complete rush! I love the wind against my face and the feeling of control. Darryl said I was a natural and that I picked it up very quickly. I only stalled it a few times. After what felt like 5 minutes the lesson was over. I was shocked how sore my hands were, but I guess that will come with practice and not being so tense.

I could not be more proud of myself. I did it! I know how to ride a motorcycle, and now I want one!
The very first person I texted after it was all over was my brother and my dad. I was so happy I had to tell him. He said, " Looks like next year we can go for a ride... all you need is a bike."
Then he texted me back about 40 minutes later while I was writing this and said "well done, proud of you."

I am almost 35 years old and my dad texting me that he's proud of me brought me to tears.

So..Learn to ride a motorcycle is officially scratched off my bucket list!

I am having a dance party in my kitchen right now while I clean it because I am feeling so happy!

I did it! I was scared, but I did it! And I did a boss!



I am grateful for Sam. Thank you.

I am grateful my children love to read.

I am grateful for the woman down the street who plants flowers on the other side of her fence (where the mailboxes are)  facing the back ally so when I walk its pretty behind her house. Even though she cant see it, its a wonderful thing to do because its truly a gift for everyone else.

I am grateful for doing things that scare me, but that remind me I am alive!
Dreams matter, no matter your age. Doing things for ourselves matters! Taking care of ourselves matters!  I want my children to know that they should never stop bettering themselves, never stop learning, never stop having dreams and goals. Have fun, dream big, be brave and try new things!  Take a big breath and try!

Yes Journey is playing in my head as I write this!


Ken said...

Well done! And when you get that bike, and need someone to meet up with for a coffee, send me a message. I'm always looking for an excuse to get out. :)

Leah M said...

well done missy!!
I just got on a bike(the back of one, mind you) after 25years of fear and loathing. Now I love it!
Enjoy it, and keep crossing stuff off that bucket list of yours!

Monika Crowfoot said...

i get so excited when you cross something off your bucket list, it makes me want to work on mine. ;) boss lady! hey, happy early birthday, i may be on the road driving across the country on your special day, so i'll just say it now. :) love you.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Vroom vroom!