Monday, September 23

Fashion Show

The Fashion Show on Saturday was great. I had a load of fun and everyone was wonderful.

I was a little nervous, I have never really done much with other media people, but everyone was delightful and seemed to have fun. Last year when Sam and I went I was just another creeper watching, this year (I was still a creep) but I had better seats.

The stage was the same as last year, but the addition of huge balls was awesome. 

The change room for the girls. 

My hair nemesis Carole Ann Devaney. She is actually a really cool woman. We chatted throughout the evening about everything from her make up to her decision to give Oprah truck nuts when she got to introduce her. I also showed her how I put a 4 year old in the dress she was wearing for the fashion show.

Jon!! Fashion man extraordinaire! He did such a great job of making sure I felt pretty and he even helped with taping my shoes.

Post hair and make up!

Last time I photo creeped Ryder like the freak I am. This year I met him and got an actual picture.

Robert looked pretty damn awesome that night too.

Carly Kincaid from 99.3 UP (our sister station) and the organizer for the event, with her daughter Abby. Next time I think I'll have my crew in it. They would enjoy it.

The pictures of everyone are here.

It was a good time and I can't wait to do it again.



I am grateful I had a good time.

I am grateful for remembering to bring my own makeup (makeup people didn't show)

I am grateful my mother taught me how to walk in high heel shoes and I don't look like a new born calf when wearing them.

I am grateful for people who don't take themselves too seriously.

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