Friday, September 20

Crisis Averted

Rob and I get to be in a fashion show tomorrow. La-Ti-Da I know!

I think it will be fun. I have been a little nervous, but nothing too bad. I did freak out a little when I go the e-mail last week saying, "just email us your sizes and height and we will pick outfits for you".

Umm nope.
Not that I don't trust this personal shopper I have never met..but I have 34 years experience shopping for this body and it often takes me a few trips and at least a dozen try on's until I find something I am happy with. So the idea of just sending wonky numbers via e-mail, showing up and HOPING something works and fits right, then having to walk in front of strangers (other media people) wearing it...that's like my worst nightmare, second only to getting pregnant at 45.

So after a few loving and understanding emails from the sweet young stylist named Jon, a fitting was arranged and we all picked out something we were happy with. You will get to see the actual dress I picked in my next blog about the fashion show. Today you get to see the disaster that ALMOST was!

We went upstairs into a really beautiful and quiet part of the store. I have never had a personal shopper and it was kind of exciting. We (myself, Sam, Jon and two other women) talked for a bit and they kind of got an idea of my personality and then they went and picked a few things. It was kind of fun. I guess this is how the other half shops. I personally enjoy looking around and picking fun things. But when you are super busy and have huge demands on your time, I could see how this would be helpful.

When I got into the room a few things had already been picked. I was feeling a little sick to be honest, some of it was pretty out there and REALLY small.

Sam prepping me to do this!

One of the first dresses that was waiting for me was not even big enough to go around my leg...So Sam and I put Lara in it!

She is 4 and has not grown since birth. Just to give you an idea.

This dress Sam and I called swan lake.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis...

...give or take a few pounds.


Pretty sure Nora has this exact dress.

I actually liked this one but it was not fancy enough for the show.


All-in-all it was a fun way to shop and I am so very thankful Jon was so kind and understanding.

I am confidant tomorrow night will not be a complete disaster!

Now...any idea how to loose 40 pounds in one night?


I am grateful for Sams help picking out clothes. You are a good friend to laugh at me in ugly outfits and keep my spirits up when things don't fit.

I am grateful for a career that I love that allows me to have fun doing things like this!

I am grateful for good friends who love me and watch over me.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for true for any woman (or almost) to find a dress that looks amazing on you! Little Lara is adorable!

Anonymous said...

The blue one looked awesome on you !!!!
Crazy cory