Tuesday, September 17

Best Way to Spend A Lunch Hour

My girlfriends and I have been wanting to support our community's more. We have been wracking our brains trying to find something to do and have been wanting to get involved more in events around the city to show our support. So clearly, when we heard about the fire fighter games we jumped at the chance. Being such giving woman as we are, we arranged our VERY busy schedules of doing nothing and drove into the city, bought a lunch and went to cheer on local fire fighters as they competed against other FF teams from around the world. Obvious pick. They really needed our attendance and support.

We all feel we learned more about public service and it was a very educational experience.

We did discuss possibly volunteering at a soup kitchen, even helping at the food bank but we all feel our time was best spent here...on a hot sweaty afternoon...watching this...

I can neither confirm nor deny whether we are comparing photos from the afternoon.  

Humanitarians we are! Sometimes I even shock myself at how selfless we can be.


I am grateful for Girlfriends and the fun/trouble we find to get into. Ladies...you are good for my soul.

I am grateful for my new sidewalk.

I am grateful for new music, it always makes me happy.


John Newman-Cheating

Sara Bareilles-Brave


Hey Ocean-Make a New Dance Up

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