Tuesday, September 3

And Just Like That..They Are All In School

The furry of the morning has settled, the kitchen is cleaned and I am now planted in front of the computer with a tea. This morning went way better then I imagined. The children were ridiculously exhausted last night when I picked them up from Drew and R place, they could hardly stay awake during dinner and were all in bed by 7pm. I was worried this morning was going to be grumpsville but everyone slept well, so It was good.

We decided on our family cheer (it was actually pretty easy this year) we settled on the cheer from pitch perfect when you sing on 3. It had us all in hysterical laughter all morning. I tried to record it but Seth was less they thrilled with the idea of that being documented forever.

This day just feels so normal, but it's not. I have been thinking about this day for years. The day all of my children are in school full time. I have now hit that next stage of life. I no longer have babies, no toddlers and I am as far away from infants as possible. I am going to be 35 in a few short weeks and I am very comfortable with this stage of life. I knew having kids young (ish) would pay off one day!

The only thing I am surprised with is what I plan to do with my day. When I was knee deep in breastfeeding and sleepless nights, mindlessly going through the day watching Disney and teaching babies how to walk and sign the word milk  I always dreamed I would go back to school during this time. I dreamed I would fill my days with stuff for me and service. All the things I missed doing when I was devoted to raising humans..

Now that I am here, I think I am going to go have a nap, and a beer with lunch.

Ethan -11 Grade 6 

Nora-5 Grade 1

Seth-9 Grade 3

Gabe-10 Grade 5

All of us on the first day of school. What a fantastic feeling this is. Okay 35...I am ready for ya! 


I am grateful for funny and happy children. I am so thankful they have fun personalities and laugh easily. 

I am grateful that this little town all joined in today to keep the kids safe on their first day. The Ambulance was parked with lights on reminding drivers to go slow. Also that Peace officer who is less then pleasant was out, ticket book at the ready...but I am glad she was out helping too. 

I am grateful for teachers.

I am grateful for my days being mine again. I am so thankful I had children when I did, it was a crazy time in life and gawd I often think how the hell did I do it, but I am on the other side now... and it is a great place to be. 


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baddy98 said...

you have such beautiful kids, Joelle. Love your show!