Thursday, September 19

3 Times A Charm

I am feeling a little off this morning. Emotional is probably more accurate, being an adult blows sometimes.

After getting breakfast and lunches ready for everyone we all piled into the van to head to school (which from my house is a 5 minutes drive). I pulled into my regular parking spot and started my ritual of morning advice to the children while they all get out of the van. "hugs not drugs",  "hit the books, they don't hit back",  "make good choices", "be kind to others" get the idea. When Seth says to me, "mom I forgot my backpack".
So the older two boys get out and Nora, Seth and I head home.

Backpack acquired and headed back to school. Just as I am about to turn into the school Seth sees a buddy of his walking on the sidewalk and unrolls his window to say hi. Seth is not overly social, so when I saw this I decided to pull over to let him walk the rest of the way with his little friend. He got out, said good bye and headed towards the school.

I signal and turn around and head home.

Again, still a little distracted from the events of the last 24 hours I pull in front of my house, ready to just go lay down and sleep off this crying headache..

"Mom...You forgot to drop me off at school"

Ugh, I am an idiot... Nora was still in her seat.

And the tears begin again...I give up on this day already and it's only 8:33 am.



I am grateful for having the option of skim, 1%, 2% or Homogenized milk. Choices are a beautiful thing and I never want to take the freedom to choose for granted.

I am grateful for Kleenex with lotion.

I am grateful for Karie, she sent me a new song and I really dig it. Thanks

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Leah M said...

Kleenex with lotion is the ONLY option in my books, and I am also grateful the chocolate milk is also a valid dairy choice.
This too shall pass, my love! Whatever it is!