Monday, August 12

Van Day 3 :Photo Catch Up

When I travel I am not really great at remembering what this bridge is called, or who designed this piece of art. I seldom will remember names of places I am in or details of the history (so and so defeated so and so and now this is the monument for...blah blah blah) 
If I like something and it makes me feel something when I look at it, I take a picture of it. 

I have long outgrown the souvenir stage of travel. I recognize the feelings that I have on a trip can not be recreated by looking at a wood carving of a tree that was made in china that I bought while on said vacation.  But pictures can, which is probably why I love pictures so much.  So here is a little catch up of my trip so far. 

The plane ride was uneventful. I watched a Manitoba comedy show and laughed the whole flight. It helped distract my attention from the guy next to me who was picking his teeth and nose the whole flight. 
When I arrived the walking began. It was so beautiful. 

All of the streets re lined with trees. 

Hydrangeas are my second favorite flower. So full and lovely. 

My cousin Kelsey Painted this piece behind me. I'm sure shell feel I improved her work with my selfie in front of it. 

I love how this looks and the idea of it in a bedroom. 
Water water everywhere!!!

These smell like ass. 

Sigh....ooh how I love trees. 
My Aunt MC. 
My Cousin Chris. 

Overlooking the ocean during our pub visit. 

Day one my aunt and I started a tad early. It was a fun walk home.  

The lights at night were amazing. 
Ceisel the garden protector.   

A group of people playing chess on a giant chess board at the end of the block. 
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I am grateful for uninterrupted sleep.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am grateful for good coffee.

*Today was suppose to be the whale day, but we just heard back from the tour owners and all boats are full today and I go Wednesday.

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Ken said...

I still collect souvenirs. But they're not usually store ones. They're usually something like a stone or an interesting token that I've picked up off of the ground that connects me to someplace. The console of my pickup is full of that sort of stuff.

Looks like you're having a great time. That's good. :)