Friday, August 9

Adventures For Everyone!

Tomorrow is the big day. 

Tomorrow I fly to Vancouver alone so spend a few days away. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, and I am sure when I am back I will feel the same way, but right now I am a little nervous and feeling stressed. I don't like doing things alone, but, in the spirit of self-discovery/bucket list adventures and storytelling I have decided to give it a try... Be brave and take a trip alone.

The two main parts of this trip are to 1-visit with my family, who I miss terribly and 2- see the whales. If I could take a swim in the ocean, skip rocks and pick up sea shells that would just add to my delight. 

I have wanted to see the whales in the ocean for years. I saw the whale show in San Diego but it was not the same. The whales were like puppets on a string.  Money makers who could not actually be happy in that environment. . Proven years later when one killed the trainer.

I will happily be inconvenienced to see one in its natural environment. I will travel to where I need to, I will pay way too much to ride a tiny boat that will more than likely give me motion sickness..just in the off chance I might be lucky and catch glimpse of its back. Animals like that are not meant for my entertainment. If the stars align and the universe wants to grant me a fantastical wish, I will see a lifted tale and maybe even a breach, but not to sound greedy, the universe has been pretty good to me lately. So if this one doesn't pan out, I’m okay, I’ll be happy having just tried.

I remember the very first time I wanted to see a whale. It was when I was on an elementary school field trip to the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta. It’s the museum with all the dinosaur fossils. There is a tiny section with a water dinosaur hanging and the small space is painted to look like the ocean. When you stand under the skeleton they play sounds of the sea and one of the sounds is a few whales (and I’m sure dolphins) calling each other.
It is the most peaceful and tranquil sound there is. I love that sound as much as I love the deep therapeutic sounds of the Australian didgeridoo. I remember just standing there in aww of those simple and beautiful noise. 

I am so excited. I am excited to catch up with my lovely cousin Maclean who I miss terribly. I have so much to tell her. Things are so very different than they were when I last saw her! My Aunt and I have a bottle of wine to gab over and my dear sweet cousin Chris who makes me laugh till I have tears will be there too!!

I am so nervous and so excited... I should go pack!


I am grateful I got to say good bye to my friend Justine from Fusion Salon. For the last few years she has helped take care of me. For her going away party we played pin the extension on the doll, which ended up looking more like a disturbing game of Dexter. 

 She is off on a huge adventure to London England. She is one of those people who makes me proud to be a woman. She is beautiful and kind, funny and determined. She is the sort of woman mothers want their daughters to grow up and become.  I hope she has the most fantastic time and I wish her all the best. Happiness and love my dear!!

I am grateful for the gift of music, coconut candles, pesto, Italian cooking magazines and Starbucks.  So..there is this guy, and he makes me laugh.  (Best way to start any good story of mine)

I am grateful for small adventures in my life. Even if nothing works out the way I plan, at least I tried. And whether it's a fantastic success or complete failure, there will be a story to tell regardless. 



Anonymous said...

Whales need to be seen from a Zodiak boat out of Victoria. Take the last tour of the day, so they aren't in a hurry to get back. Seeing the whales was also on my bucket list and I got more than I ever hoped for!
I do travel alone (by choice) because I can go and do/see whatever I want to whenever I want to. I have had some great experiences, so don't be concerned about it. Just be smart with your decisions.
Stanley Park is a great place for walking along the ocean...looking for shells and taking a dip. I celebrated my 4th birthday there (many many years ago)and got my first swim in the ocean there.
Have a great time!


J said...

Thank you:)

Burgers said...

Stanley Park is definitely great. I would also recommend the Capilano Suspension Bridge, it's really fantastic if you've never seen it before!