Saturday, August 10

Perhaps I Am Not The Smoothest Operator

So there is this guy...

He makes me laugh, he is ginger, he is tall and handsome and wonderful.

Well, this Ginger man and I have been out a few times now for the last month and on one of our outings I was running a little late. I was trying to find the pub I was to meet him at when I decided I should spit out my gum. I cracked open my window and threw it out..but it didn't go out, it just fell against the window and along the edge of the window.
I tried to stick my arm out the opening to grab it but there was not enough room, so..In my brilliance I rolled the window down, but because the gum was stuck to the edge it went down with the window.
I panicked (and was still driving) so I rolled the window up so it would get stuck in the windowsill  annnd this was the end result.

I pulled into the parking lot of the pub, too excited to go laugh and see a ginger man to really care. After dinner I took him over to the van for a good laugh at my smoothness. I am glad I have somewhat of a charming personality, cause i am rubbish with technology and basic life skills like gum throwing.


The evening was nice, company was delightful and my new favorite beer is raspberry beer.
And for reasons I am not too sure of yet, my new favorite colour is orange.


I am grateful for feeling happy.

I am grateful for the ability to laugh at myself.

I am grateful for camera phones that capture simple things in life.


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