Thursday, August 15

Maclean and I Saw The Whales

All morning I have been trying to write about seeing the whales. I have been trying to figure out how to explain how it felt to finally see them after being on the boat for maybe 2 hours on the complete brink of elation and filled with such anticipation my stomach actually hurt. Feeling like maybe this isn't going to work out. Maybe today was not the day..

And then hearing everyone gasp when they finally appeared. Not only seeing the whales, but seeing them while it rained on my face. I am not sure it could have been a more perfect setting for me. 
I cried. I tried to just be okay and normal but I couldn't. My eyes were full of tears. There was 5 in total and one was a baby. I even saw the baby's tail flap out of the water. I spent an hour watching them pop up and take a breath, swim around and we watched in complete awe while they hunted a big group of seals. Sometimes they would swim close and sometimes they were so far away I could only see a faint black triangle. 

I have been trying to figure out how to explain what happens inside of me when I check something off my bucket list that means so much, and how it changes the way I look at things. But I cant. This day and this story was and is still too special to tell just yet. 

But I will happily share the pictures. 

Maclean and I were both pretty excited. 

I am not a fan of sail boats. But they do look awfully beautiful in the water. 

The scenery was incredible.  

Trying to maneuver a space suite in a tiny port-o-potty was not easy and it was choppy in there. 


I am just so very grateful. 


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