Tuesday, August 13

Another Day Closer To Whale Day

This trip is quite unlike trips I have taken in the past. My days here are not jammed packed with endless things to see and do, it has been quiet and peaceful, relaxing and spontaneous. Maclean and I leave the house with really no goals for the day and just come back when we want. We walk and talk, eat and explore.
I feel calm here with my aunt MC and Maclean. I am sleeping fantastically and I am eating less. I am feeling clear headed and relaxed. Maclean is one of those magical people for me to be around, it's just comfortable being near her. She is good for my soul. I am very much an extrovert. I love being around people. Talking and laughing (with the right people) is what fills my bucket and gets me feeling normal and returns me to center.

Maclean brings out a very rare and quiet introvert in me. I feel so still around her. She is the sort of woman (and there are not many in the world) that make me feel refreshed just being around her. Yesterday we walked for hours and some of it was done in complete silence. Yet I feel completely content. I have missed Maclean. So very much.

We did get to have lunch with our other cousin Stephen, who just recently got engaged. The wedding is planned for next July...I.CANT.WAIT!!!!
It was fun catching up and chatting about what we are all doing. Funny how much you miss family when you don't get to see them all the time.

Lunch at the Cactus Club with Stephen was incredible. 
Our lunch time view. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the day.

Photo Booth Asshattery.

Lego Whale after lunch.

Canada Line trip home after beers with Matty B.

Maclean and I went to Tiffanys...ooh my gawd that store was amazing. 

Again by the end of the day full of walking I collapsed into bed and slept perfectly. The sleep alone was worth the time and energy to come.


I am grateful for an aunt that is being brave and pushing her limits, exploring her dreams...and willing to try new things. It's inspiring being around that strength.

I am grateful for the sweet ginger man back home who is excited for me to see my whales and keeps sending me beautiful pictures like these in anticipation of the whale day.

And ones like these that more accurately sum up our humor and playful nature.

(Also, thank you to everyone who is excited for me to see the whales and cross off one more thing on my bucket list. I have been getting messages and texts from everyone and it means so much)

I am grateful for good shoes. Good Lord am I grateful for good shoes!


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