Saturday, August 17

A Prank To Start Off My Morning

Everyone knows I love a good prank.

So when I woke up the other morning, made myself some tea, leaned over the sink to open my kitchen window and saw this…

...I was wild with adrenaline from how absolutely creepy it was, then with delight for having a prank played on me!

Slow clap to you Jenna Bean! Well done!

Thank you for being slightly sick like me. 


I am grateful for pretty nail polish. 

I am grateful for helpful friends. 

I am grateful for the gift of other peoples time. 


Friday, August 16

New Bucket List Items

As is the tradition with my Bucket List once I cross something off I need to replace it with something new. When I was going over things and looking over my Bucket list I noticed I had forgotten to cross off a few things I had done last year. So I actually need to add three things.

Because I went on a trip alone to BC and went and saw the whales.

I am adding:

1- To go on a trip with someone. Someone not platonic.

2-I would like to get my motorcycle license and own a bike. (This was on my list a long time ago, but after my biological fathers accident it got removed) I'm ready to add it again.

3-I want to do something that absolutely terrifies me, but I want to do it because it matters to someone else and they invited me to join them.

Those are my new additions.

And soon I will be back to work, life will resume and I will again be busy and stressed. I have learned to really love this bucket list and the magic it has. It is not something that I constantly think about and it doesn't make anything easier. I am still a single parent to 4 kids. I still pay a mortgage and bills and I am still lonely sometimes. But this little list every once in a while reminds me that I am still a woman and I still have things to do and dreams to dream.
The universe still has surprises for me and there are still things in store that I don't know about yet, and that keeps me going.

Here are a few left over pictures from my last day in Vancouver. It was cocktail time with MC and Maclean. Gawd I love those women!

This is Maclean breaching like a whale.  


I am grateful for a comfortable bed and good pillows. 

I am grateful for a good cup of tea. 

I am grateful for good eyebrows, thank you mom for good eyebrows. 


Thursday, August 15

Maclean and I Saw The Whales

All morning I have been trying to write about seeing the whales. I have been trying to figure out how to explain how it felt to finally see them after being on the boat for maybe 2 hours on the complete brink of elation and filled with such anticipation my stomach actually hurt. Feeling like maybe this isn't going to work out. Maybe today was not the day..

And then hearing everyone gasp when they finally appeared. Not only seeing the whales, but seeing them while it rained on my face. I am not sure it could have been a more perfect setting for me. 
I cried. I tried to just be okay and normal but I couldn't. My eyes were full of tears. There was 5 in total and one was a baby. I even saw the baby's tail flap out of the water. I spent an hour watching them pop up and take a breath, swim around and we watched in complete awe while they hunted a big group of seals. Sometimes they would swim close and sometimes they were so far away I could only see a faint black triangle. 

I have been trying to figure out how to explain what happens inside of me when I check something off my bucket list that means so much, and how it changes the way I look at things. But I cant. This day and this story was and is still too special to tell just yet. 

But I will happily share the pictures. 

Maclean and I were both pretty excited. 

I am not a fan of sail boats. But they do look awfully beautiful in the water. 

The scenery was incredible.  

Trying to maneuver a space suite in a tiny port-o-potty was not easy and it was choppy in there. 


I am just so very grateful. 


Wednesday, August 14

Whale Day

I didn't sleep well last night. I am too excited.
Maclean and I are just about to leave to head down to the boat.

Interesting to might be the day one of my life's dreams comes true.


I am grateful for how simplistic yet fantastic fresh ground coffee is in the morning.

I am grateful for new underwear.

I am grateful for how these little surges of excitement keep me feeling young and remind me I still have so much left to look forward to in this life before I am done.


Tuesday, August 13

Another Day Closer To Whale Day

This trip is quite unlike trips I have taken in the past. My days here are not jammed packed with endless things to see and do, it has been quiet and peaceful, relaxing and spontaneous. Maclean and I leave the house with really no goals for the day and just come back when we want. We walk and talk, eat and explore.
I feel calm here with my aunt MC and Maclean. I am sleeping fantastically and I am eating less. I am feeling clear headed and relaxed. Maclean is one of those magical people for me to be around, it's just comfortable being near her. She is good for my soul. I am very much an extrovert. I love being around people. Talking and laughing (with the right people) is what fills my bucket and gets me feeling normal and returns me to center.

Maclean brings out a very rare and quiet introvert in me. I feel so still around her. She is the sort of woman (and there are not many in the world) that make me feel refreshed just being around her. Yesterday we walked for hours and some of it was done in complete silence. Yet I feel completely content. I have missed Maclean. So very much.

We did get to have lunch with our other cousin Stephen, who just recently got engaged. The wedding is planned for next July...I.CANT.WAIT!!!!
It was fun catching up and chatting about what we are all doing. Funny how much you miss family when you don't get to see them all the time.

Lunch at the Cactus Club with Stephen was incredible. 
Our lunch time view. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the day.

Photo Booth Asshattery.

Lego Whale after lunch.

Canada Line trip home after beers with Matty B.

Maclean and I went to Tiffanys...ooh my gawd that store was amazing. 

Again by the end of the day full of walking I collapsed into bed and slept perfectly. The sleep alone was worth the time and energy to come.


I am grateful for an aunt that is being brave and pushing her limits, exploring her dreams...and willing to try new things. It's inspiring being around that strength.

I am grateful for the sweet ginger man back home who is excited for me to see my whales and keeps sending me beautiful pictures like these in anticipation of the whale day.

And ones like these that more accurately sum up our humor and playful nature.

(Also, thank you to everyone who is excited for me to see the whales and cross off one more thing on my bucket list. I have been getting messages and texts from everyone and it means so much)

I am grateful for good shoes. Good Lord am I grateful for good shoes!


Monday, August 12

Van Day 3 :Photo Catch Up

When I travel I am not really great at remembering what this bridge is called, or who designed this piece of art. I seldom will remember names of places I am in or details of the history (so and so defeated so and so and now this is the monument for...blah blah blah) 
If I like something and it makes me feel something when I look at it, I take a picture of it. 

I have long outgrown the souvenir stage of travel. I recognize the feelings that I have on a trip can not be recreated by looking at a wood carving of a tree that was made in china that I bought while on said vacation.  But pictures can, which is probably why I love pictures so much.  So here is a little catch up of my trip so far. 

The plane ride was uneventful. I watched a Manitoba comedy show and laughed the whole flight. It helped distract my attention from the guy next to me who was picking his teeth and nose the whole flight. 
When I arrived the walking began. It was so beautiful. 

All of the streets re lined with trees. 

Hydrangeas are my second favorite flower. So full and lovely. 

My cousin Kelsey Painted this piece behind me. I'm sure shell feel I improved her work with my selfie in front of it. 

I love how this looks and the idea of it in a bedroom. 
Water water everywhere!!!

These smell like ass. 

Sigh....ooh how I love trees. 
My Aunt MC. 
My Cousin Chris. 

Overlooking the ocean during our pub visit. 

Day one my aunt and I started a tad early. It was a fun walk home.  

The lights at night were amazing. 
Ceisel the garden protector.   

A group of people playing chess on a giant chess board at the end of the block. 
Add caption


I am grateful for uninterrupted sleep.

I am grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am grateful for good coffee.

*Today was suppose to be the whale day, but we just heard back from the tour owners and all boats are full today and I go Wednesday.