Saturday, July 27

I See Dead People

I took the kids to the Telus World of Science today to see the Body Worlds exhibit. We have all been anxious to go see it, Seth especially. Last time it was here I bought the book with all the display pictures in it. Some how it got lost or misplaced so he was excited to get a new one.

On the way into the city Nora had a slight meltdown when I threw away the Tim bits box and wouldn't let her keep it. Aside for that it was smooth sailing.

Now today was my third time seeing the exhibit (since it arrived a month ago) I love it. But I could hardly contain my excitement today because I could not wait to watch the kids faces as they saw it for the first time. Nora is 5 now and I knew she would be a hoot to watch as she saw everything. Seth is always so pensive and has intelligent questions about everything. Ethan hates stuff like this and I knew if anyone would not like it, it would be him, and Gabe, well,  Gabe is Gabe. Easy going and not overly bothered by much. He just goes with the flow.

It was better then I imagined it would be. After a brief pep talk on the way in about what we will see and the appropriate way to act I could hardly contain my own excitement to finally just get in and watch.

Nora was hilarious. She walked around and announced whether each body was male or female. She made faces like this when she saw things she was not impressed with and would point out obvious things like a hand, or foot and say, 'look, a hand" or " look, a foot"

The boys seemed to do well, Seth ,of course, enjoyed it the most.

Seth was over the moon when we replaced his lost book. I think Ethan and Gabe enjoyed the display outside of the museum more then the actual body worlds exhibit.

It was a good day.


I am grateful for little unexpected miracles.

I am grateful for late night phone call/invites from GF's for late night trouble.

I am grateful for a good toothbrush.


Tuesday, July 23

Walks And Talks And Book Worms

I have not been feeling all that well the last day or so. I'll spare you the gross details but  I can tell you this much, I am even closer to my goal weight after this nasty cleaning.

This morning I was feeling a little bit better so I asked the children to go for a walk with me. I love going for walks with the kids. I love walking period. I find it a great way to get people to open up and talk about stuff that's going on in their lives. This magic works with my children rather well, as I have shared before.

Today was no exception.

After a race between a few of us to roll up dog poop bags that some kids threw all over the walk way, Gabe says, "we all won just by trying" to which we all laughed and said. "no, the winner is the person who came in first". Then Ethan says , "don't feel bad, loosing is just like winning...except you don't win".

Further along in our walk I asked the kids to each tell me something they are grateful for.

Seth: Food, shelter and water...of course cause he is THAT kid. I have no idea how I created such a deep child, but he is wonderful.

Ethan:Family and elevators.

Nora: watching movies, Garfield and family.

Gabe: I am grateful for God.
Me, really Gabe?  Wow! Well, what are you grateful that he did?
Gabe: He made everything.
Me: How did he make it all?
Gabe: He used his ribs to build everything..and that was nice of him.

 Summer holidays have been going well so far. I have been working lots and the kids have been busy with everything that kids do in the summer. Everyone is sun kissed, staying up late and sleeping in. It has been glorious!
We have all been taking classes in laughing and sarcasm. The older boys seem to be enjoying this much needed break from school, but continue to stay up very late reading.
There are so many areas of parenting that I feel I have not been overly successful, but man am I ever proud of their love of reading.

The other night when I was giving Ethan a book I wanted him to read, this is what we found when I opened it. It even had a dead worm in it. Kind of awesome! :)


I am grateful for my kids happiness.

I am grateful their little bodies can rest.

I am grateful we all have fun together.

I am grateful for their love of reading.


Monday, July 8

Gabe Turns 10

Happy Birthday my dear boy, you are getting so big!

This year I would say you have learned so much about yourself. You have learned the importance of hard work, and I could not be more proud. You worked so hard in school this year, and improved so much in a few short months.
 You have learned the value of money and have been doing such an amazing job with extra chores to earn it.

Gabe, you are such a sweet boy. I hope you know that. I hope you make a list of things that are important for you to do and to see and I hope you do them. This year Gabe, I am taking a small trip alone. It's just to BC, but I am doing it by myself and I am dong it because I hate doing things alone. I do not enjoy being alone and I definitely feel apprehensive traveling alone, but I want to push myself to try new things and see places and have memories that are just mine. I want you to do the same. I want you to push yourself and to try new things. I want you to meet people and learn to be comfortable alone. I think you are like me in that regard, so I hope you learn it sooner then I am.

Happy birthday sweet boy, you are the reason women have children, in hopes they get children like you. Your smile is contagious and your laugh is healing.
I love you my boy!



I am grateful Gabe is healthy, happy and that I get to be your mom forever.