Saturday, June 29

A Boy To Smooch

I have kept my dating rather quiet, as far as my children are concerned. They know I go on dates (I think), but I do not talk openly about any of the guys I have seen. I do not give details to the children about where and when I go. Mostly this is because I only date during the week the kids are with Drew...also the vast majority of dates I do go on are flops and I have made it a rule the two sides of my life, my social life and my children, will never mix again until I find something special.

Ethan is a little more aware of things, he knows I date and has asked a few questions every once in a while about it all. "Are you seeing anyone?" or "Any nice guys mom?"

One night a few weeks ago after the other children had gone to bed,  Ethan had asked me how the dating was going, so I let him look at my dating profile and allowed him to peruse a few of the men and tell me what he thought. He is a very protective boy over his mother, and not easily impressed. But he spent an hour looking and reading and found a few he liked,  I even contacted one of the guys he felt was good enough for me and went out with him. (More on him later)

I bring this up because I had a real eye opening moment the other night. Wednesday I was exhausted. I had gotten up early to help with last day of school things after having gone to bed at 1 am after a night show the night before...BLAH...Now I am the first to admit my Wednesdays are really easy work wise, but I was tired for the whole day and that is never fun.

After dinner (Wednesday) I wasn't feeling well and I was a little grouchy. I am not sure what on earth came over me but I decided to text Drew and R to see if I could have Emmett over for a bit while they went out. This little creature is my children's new brother, so I figured it's important I get to know him too. Plus what new mom wouldn't love a little time off. Also...maybe I just needed to hold a baby for a bit. Sue me.

Now, I only tell you that part to get to the actual story. After I had arranged with Drew and R to bring Emmett over to the house I decided to play a joke on my kids, mostly Ethan. I told him that I had invited a BOY over to the house.
Ethan looked at me with a strange look on his face. "A BOY?"
Yes! I have invited a boy over to the house and he will be here any minute to spend the evening with us. What do you think?
(Now, this is the part of the story where my practical joke backfired a little and showed me just how much my kids think of me..)
Ethan looks at me with a very serious look on his face asks,"Do you really like this guy?"
Not understanding yet where he was going I said, "yes, very much, there is even a chance I'll spend most of the night holding him and smooching him."
After hearing that Ethan jumps off the couch and starts cleaning up the house and sorting the living room. He starts putting things away and folding up the blankets. I thought the behavior was strange and the look on his face far too serious for my little joke, so I asked "what are you doing?" to which he replied...
"If you like this guy, I want him to feel welcome in our home"

UGH....ooh crap. Ethan then says, "Mom, I promise I would never be one of those kids that is mean to someone you like" and the icing on the proverbial cake was when he says, " I am so glad you found someone mom, you are good stuff and I want you to be happy!"

Oh Shit! My little joke is not looking so funny anymore.

When Drew and R arrive right after this with Emmett, I tried to be funny and say "here is the boy I am going to hold and smooch all night!"
Ethan looked genuinely disappointed, but helped play and take care of Emmett for the next hour.

We had a nice night and we sang and laughed about having a baby in the house again. Ethan was happy when Drew and R came and picked Emmett up and it was just us again.

I wont joke about that again with him.


I am grateful for school being over and now getting time to spend with the kids.

I am grateful for the smell of sun on my skin. After a long winter it's nice to wear dresses and feel the elements on my skin.

I am grateful for fresh fruit and the smell of nectarines in my kitchen. It makes me happy.



Kirstan C. Sonnenberg said...

Oh Joelle! Your son is priceless! I had tears streaming down my face reading your post, overwhelmed by the love and respect and desire for good that your children have for you. You are truly blessed. /hug

Melissa Haavind said...

Oh that's funny!! Cleaning the house so this guy will feel welcome in your home. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

What a truly sweet gesture from Ethan...