Monday, June 3

4am Call, And The Baby Is Coming

I received a phone call from my ex-husband Drew this morning at the ungodly hour of 4 am saying that R (his GF) was in labour and that the baby was coming. Could I come over and stay at their house until the kids woke up so that him and R could go to the birth center where their midwife was going to be waiting for them.

I laid in my bed after I hung up an thought about our family and how it is about to grow today. I like where we are. I like that its not me having to push out a baby today. When the children woke up everyone was really excited to hear the news. The children were asking lots of questions and were telling me and showing me all the special things that they have in their rooms at Drew's and R house. It was a nice way to start the morning.

I feel a little somber though this morning. I am hoping R is doing okay. I hope Drew is a good support for her during the birth and I kind of wish I was there in a small way. The Doula part of me is aching to make sure she is as comfortable as possible, that she has what she needs and that she is happy.

I am not overly sure why I am feeling so tender this morning. Maybe it is just from the lack of sleep. Maybe it's because my date was canceled yesterday with a boy I was really looking forward to going out with. Maybe because of the rain. Who knows. All I know is there is a baby coming now and I need to start baking.


I am grateful for music.

I am grateful for long walks in the rain with friends talking.

I am grateful for comfortable blankets.


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