Saturday, May 18

The Ugly Cry At Yoga

I was invited to go to hot yoga last night with my friend. It has been a while since I went last. I really enjoyed it and have wanted to go again, but as it is with stuff like this, life seems to get in the way. So this invite seemed like a perfect time to get back into it. 

It was a Yin class, so mostly just stretching. It was good and I was completely enjoying myself... until out of nowhere while I was in a pose and stretching I became completely overwhelmed and began crying.

I have absolutely NO idea where the hell this came from. I was having a fantastic day, I was enjoying this class, everything was great. There was even a really attractive man in front of me, so to have this massive flood of emotion completely blindside me was confusing to say the least. There I was doing a hip stretch with snot, tears and sweat running down my face! I couldn't even control it or make it stop, and I found the longer I held the pose the harder the tears came charging out of my eyes.

Strangest experience I have had in a very long time. I wasn't sad, I was just crying.

When the class was over the instructor came up to me to ask if I enjoyed myself and how I felt it went. When I asked her "what the H was with me crying"  she smiled and said that sometimes happens in yoga and to not be surprised, we hold emotion in different parts of our body and yoga helps release it. That made me feel a little better, but perhaps that might be something you say to the class BEFORE we begin, you know, so class member don't feel like they should go to a psychiatrist after the class ends. 

When it was all done, I felt fantastic and lighter. It was a perfect way to start a work week!


I am grateful for a beautiful long weekend with my kids.

I am grateful for friends and loved ones.

I am grateful things in my life are so very different than they were this time last year. Time is such a gift.


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Ken said...

Joelle, I was looking at the pictures that you've been posting lately. (especially last post) They seemed different to me, and I had decided that you seem to appear to have a greater sense of happiness about you in them. Not that you didn't appear happy in previous pictures, the new ones are just different.

I'm glad that you're feeling that you're in a better place. :)