Thursday, May 9

The Majestic Cow

My computer has been on the fritz the last few weeks. While I would try to blog and be in the middle of writing a post out of nowhere this weird blue screen would pop up and shut off my computer.
Annoying as hell! Then when I would log back in, not only did it add an additional 20 minutes to my already tight time frame, it would have not saved what I had already written. Forcing me to re-write everything again. After talking to people who know way more about this crap then I do, apparently this blue screen (of death as its lovingly referred to) is not a good thing and I needed to have this looked at.

So after a week of my computer being in the shop, it has finally been returned to me so I can resume my blogging.
I have a load of things to catch up on. But the one story I could not wait to share was the conversation I had with the kids the other day.

After dinner one night we decided to go for a walk to the park and play basketball. I am pretty open with the kids about the fact that I am dating, I don't go into great detail with them but they know I go out once in a while. When we were out for our walk/shooting hoops it is out tradition that we chat and the kids ask questions, and dating was the topic on this evening.

Gabe: Mom, How has the dating been going?
Me:  Okay I guess, why do you ask?
Gabe: I was just wondering if the majestic cow has appeared on any of your dates yet?
Me: What in the H is the majestic cow? And why would it appear on one of my dates?
Gabe: Well, (he is laughing his beautiful laugh now, an the other children are giggling too) when the Majestic cow appears that is how you know the guy you are with is your true love mom. So keep watching for it.

These children of mine are so fun. I love this age.


I am grateful for encouraging friends.

I am grateful for healthy and happy children.

I am grateful for water. (I don't love how often I have to pee when I am trying to drink so much of it, but I guess there are worse things to complain about.)



Ken said...

I have plenty of cows! Maybe I could start a business renting out the majestic ones? :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are up and running again. I love reading your updates and I was starting to go into withdrawal. Your kids sound so cool; they must be such fun to just hang with.

As for the majestic cow, personally I would rather have a majestic bull ;)

Keep the posts comming Joelle. Love your updates