Tuesday, May 14

Teabags and Olympic Jenna

So after I thought the computer was fixed it had to go back to the repair shop again because of more viruses. I have completely had enough of this damn thing and I am ready to throw a hammer through it (the computer that is) I won't but I really want to someday!

Breath in....Breath out...

Sigh... So now it should be good. SHOULD being the key word here.

Jenna (super Olympic nanny)  had a race last week and she finished 8th over all out of 264 people. 4th for woman, and 1st in her age group. With a time of 38 minutes and 21 seconds. She is training hard and doing
well. We are so proud of her. I think I will start calling her Olympic Jenna as a way of supporting her to achieve her dreams, also it will be my subliminal messaging to Nike to sponsor her.

I think Olympic Jenna might be moving in to the house soon too. Having a live in nanny will be way more convenient for us both and the poor girl can then sleep in a real bed instead of on the couch on the nights I work until midnight. Not too sure what it will be like supporting 6 people on my own, but I feel its the right thing to do and I am up for the challenge, but if I end up in a padded room with a white jacket on, from taking on more then I can handle, please come visit me.

Anyway, back to Olympic Jenna's race. When she was leaving to go home the night before her race and  the kids and I wanted to shower her with our best wishes and tell her how proud of her we were so on her way out I was saying good luck, run fast..then out of nowhere Ethan says to Jenna "may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Seriously I love my children. They are some of the funniest people I know. For Mothers Day Seth made me a card at school and attached 2 tea bags to it. When I was with them and Seth and I were going to have the tea I asked him to put the tea bags in the mugs to which the boys erupted in laughter.
I didn't understand why everyone was laughing so I asked Seth again to put the teabags in the cups and that caused round two of the giggles... then it dawned on me, MY BOYS ARE LAUGHING AT THE WORD TEABAG...ugh. They don't stay innocent for very long do they? Little turds!


I am grateful for Olympic Jenna and all her help. She is a cool girl.

I am grateful for this job of motherhood. As hard and as exhausting as it is, it is so very very rewarding.

I am grateful for the constant support from good friends who love me and I love them.


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