Friday, May 17

The Last Of Our Garlic King and Queen Shenanigans

The last event for our reign as Sorrentino's Garlic King and Queen was last week. The Garlic Festival is over now and to end the festivities we (Rob & I) we asked to go to each Sorrentinos restaurant in Edmonton and say hello and thank you to every single quest, give them a mint and remind them that they are helping support the Compassion House.

As is most things Rob and I do, it was just a lot of fun and ass-hattery!

I had such a wonderful evening. It was fun to get out and meet new people, laugh and do it all for a fantastic cause! Sorrentinos took such great care of us and spoiled us rotten!


I am grateful for special things we get to do because of work.

I am grateful I got to "bond" with this Aston Martin, clearly this means Danial Craig and I will wed soon.
Our reception will be held at Sorrentions.

I am grateful for a good toothbrush.


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